Come Rushing In: The Air Elementals of Anime



Invisible and invincible.

These two words pretty much sums up the description for the one natural element that seems to be above all other elements in this world: Air.

Air is what keeps life in this small planet called Earth. Fire relies on air to keep aflame and water is created through a mixture of air.

Living organisms has air on top of its list to survive. So it seems that air is an element of comfort. A calming, gentle breeze on a warm summer day.

Yet air, just like the rest of the natural elements, possess a second face. An opposite personality of sort. However, this is where air proves how much stronger it can be than any of the other elements. When air strikes a hard blow, it can easily destroy fire and control water, even earth. And air can do it so fast that it’ll be too late to react.

So when air pretty much dominates over all other elements, why does it seem to be the one element that gains the least attention?

In Avatar: Legend of Aang, the new avatar – who possesses the power over air – had to learn the other forms of bending to finally defeat the Fire Lord. Shouldn’t he have been strong enough to control fire and all the other elements for that matter?

In X-Men, Storm possesses the uncanny ability to control the elements, which normally includes the wind. Yet Ororo does not have the physical strength enough to harness such power. Was it a way limit the control over the strong and highly destructive element?

wind goddess

In anime, characters who possess the power to control wind are also few in numbers as seen in the list that follows. Often, the characters are seen as silent and gentle but can be as deadly as a tornado.

Here are some notable anime air elementals that are more than ready to knock you down in a gust. The question is, are you ready for them?

08. Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto)

air elemental - asuma

This laid-back Konoha ninja who is often seen smoking is actually the son of the Third Hokage. He may not be fond of involving himself in almost anything but if it’s necessary, he’ll be more than willing to lend a hand. Make that hands – and with trench knives powered up by his wind-based chakra. His knives are made of special metal that can be fused with chakra to extend its blade and make it strong enough to pierce through rocks. Combined with his taijutsu skills, he could be one tough ninja. If this proves futile however, he could also use Ash Pile Burning, a technique that lasts longer than fire since ashes are used and remains in the air.

07. Haruka Tenoh / SailorUranus (Sailormoon)

air elemental - haruka

Contrary to what a lot of people think that SailorUranus has the control over earth in her attack “World Shaking,” it is actually the wind that is the source of her power. In her attack, it is wind that shakes the earth and not earth itself. In the Sailormoon manga, this woman seems as light as the wind, her character very strong but gentle. As a human, she loves racing – perhaps an allusion to her love for speed. As a sailorsoldier, she moves and thinks faster than any of the other scouts.

06. Koshirou Chikuma (Basilisk)

air elemental - chikuma

Tornadoes can be very dangerous and this guy understands that very well. This gennin has the special ability to create miniature tornadoes by simply using his breath. Though miniature, these tornadoes can strike a mean blow on opponents. It has even killed a man when he successfully drove it to the opponent’s face. Now imagine if he could create bigger tornadoes…

05. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

air elemental - naruto

Naruto was not often seen leaning on wind-chakra attacks during battles, but yes, this young host to the fox tail demon has a wind-based chakra. It was only later when Jiraiya taught him the Rasengan that Naruto finally created his own technique – the Rashenshuriken – using his chakra. He also has the Toad Gun and Toad Oil Flame Bullet techniques with toads accompanying him as he uses his wind-chakra abilities.

04. Seichiiro Aoki (X1999)

air elemental - seichiiro

Mild-mannered and gentle, this man is a husband and a father. However, he divorced his wife to spare her the grief should he die from the war between the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth. Though he is rarely seen fighting and using his innate ability, it does not mean he doesn’t have it. His attraction to Karen, a co-member of the Dragons of Heaven, could very well be a representation of the relationship between air and fire.

03. Jin (Yu Yu Hakusho)

air elemental - jin

Jin is a demon that can control wind in different ways, notable of which is his ability to fly. He could also make tornadoes and use the air around him to speed up his movement. When excited, Jin feels his pointed ears prick. In the Dark Tournament, Jin fought Yusuke and lost, although the decision was a tie. Always cheerful and positive even in the tightest of situations, Jin always shows the good side of the element where his power is based on.

02. Kagura (InuYasha)

air elemental - kagura

Her attachment to Naraku was the one thing that tied this wind sorceress away from complete freedom. She had no choice but to religiously obey her master. In her missions, she had to thwart her enemies using a fan to create tornadoes or move corpses like puppets. A feather ornament on her hair is also useful for her transportation as she enlarges it and rides on it.

01. Fuu Hououji (Magic Knight Rayearth)

air elemental - fuu

Chosen by the pillar of another dimension, Fuu was given a supernatural power that is obviously air elemental. She could create wind-based attacks and even heal wounds using air. Her mashin, Wyndam, is the wind-god resting in a temple in the sky. Fuu always displays a sunny disposition and although some stiff situations pose itself upon her, she never loses control and focus. She’s as sharp as the wind.

A force to conquer all other elements. Air can be as light as a feather and as heavy as earth itself.