In Da Club


No, it’s not what you think.

It’s another school year, dear student otakus! Now, this year (and every year for that matter), make the most out of your stay in school. Be active. Get involved. Join a club!

Your school’s clubs can help develop a sense of responsibility and camaraderie in you. They will drive out the best character in you. When your teachers become second parents to you, you will also find brothers and sisters from your club.

So whadoyousay?

When you enter the school, prepare to be deluged with noise and leaflets. Don’t be too overwhelmed.  They’re all just invitations to an exciting year ahead.

Ready? Set… Go and find a club that fits you!

Think you’re good-looking enough to strike an interest from the girl beside you? Then come on in and join the Ouran Host Club! It’s the only club created to serve the ladies of the academy. It’ll turn you into the campus’ next hottie! You’ll be mingling with the ladies, flirt, play games with them, flirt, have some tea with cake, flirt, and…flirt! Oh, and did we mention flirt? The goal is to make the ladies feel good. So get ready to be surrounded by beauty in the Ouran Host Club!

Join the Ouran Host CLub

Club: Ouran Host Club
Contact person: Tamaki Suoh (Club President / “daddy”)
Office: Music Room

Wanna showcase your talent in shooting hoops? Wanna develop a talent so you could sweep that girl you like off her feet? Then be a member of the Shohoku Basketball Team! Train with some of the best players in the district. I bet you’ve heard of the great forces of Shohoku namely Rukawa, Akagi and Mitsui? Then how about their coach – the once-infamous Coach Anzai! Aren’t those enough reasons to attract you into entering this basketball team? Who knows… you might become good enough to take the team to the Inter-High Tournament.

Join the Shohoku Basketball Team
Club: Shohoku Baskteball Team
Contact person: Ayako (Team Manager)
Office: Shohoku team HQ, gymnasium

If you’re looking for a way to develop you’re tennis skills, then the Seigaku Tennis Team is the best team that can help you. Composed of some of the most talented tennis players, this club aims to win the National Middle School Tennis Championship. Maybe you can help take them to victory. Ryouma Echizen, a young protégé of tennis, plays for this team.

Join the Seigaku Tennis Team
Club: Seigaku Tennis Team
Contact person: Kunimitsu Tezuka (Team Captain)
Office: Tennis Team HQ

Their mission is to help damsels in distress. But since the group has become popular they need new members to help more damsels in distress. If you’re up for detective work and mind-twisting investigations, then join this detective group of young students. Do not be fooled by their ages though, these kids are more than capable of handling tough mature investigative work.

Join the CLAMP Campus Detectives
Club: CLAMP Campus Detectives
Contact person: Nokoru Imonoyama (Elementary School Board Chairman)
Office: Elementary School Board Office

Can’t go to Hogwarts? Then maybe the Magic User’s Club will do. Learn magic and get to blast aliens to oblivion to free the world. Best of all, you get to fly on brooms. And you never have to be a muggle-born!

Join the Magic Users Club
Club: Magic User’s Club
Contact person: Takeo Takakura (Club President)

Interested in the supernatural? Would love to chase aliens, espers and time-travellers? Then let SOS take you to—no, this isn’t the Literature Club. The SOS aims to uncover the mysteries of this world. Coz who knows, the supernatural could be right under your nose. Be cautious though because the president of this club is not interested in humans. So show some genuine interest in the unbelievable.

Join the SOS Club
Club: SOS (Save the World by Overloading it with Fun Suzumiya Haruhi’s Brigade)
Contact person: Haruhi Suzumiya (Club President)
Office: Former Literature Club HQ

Ready for some fast running and strong kicking? Then come on in and join the Deimon Devil Bats! You’ll get to experience the joy of playing American Football (BAH! Who cares about Soccer? – Hiruma) If you think you have the agility and the strength, try to reach the club by going to the Football Club HQ and look for Hiruma.
Now Hiring: Team Secretary

Join the Deimon Devil Bats
Club: Deimon Devil Bats
Contact person: Yoichi Hiruma (Team Captain)
Office: Football Club HQ

There you have it. Face the school year with some much-needed activities to become a better person. So, did any club strike your interest? Did you join any? Waitasec. Another club seems to want to take a share on the freshies!

If you love Kaede Rukawa and want to shout to the world how much you do, then be with the Rukawa Ouendan Girls. Just get ready with your uniform and pompoms, and your biggest smile.

Join the Rukawa Ouendan Girls
Club: Rukawa Ouendan Girls
Contact person: don’t know, don’t care
Office: Rooftop (where Rukawa mostly stays)