An Anime Pandemic!


News Alert!

Forget SARS and EBOLA. Heck, forget A H1N1. There is a new form of virus rising and pushing its way to unsuspecting victims. And it’s a gazillion times deadlier!

Do not be fooled by the Morita virus' innocent look... It's actually very deadly!
Its scientific name: Shinobus Deadliei Spontaniei Moritus.

Commonly called the Morita Virus, it originated in the Japanese islands at an unnamed apartment. The virus was reported to have spread initially inside an unnamed Art School.

The Morita Virus has been known to make victims experience terrifying sensations leading to incessant vomiting and cursing. This virus has also caused major dizziness leading to delusions. Some victims have also been known to manifest extreme anger and irritation upon contact with the virus.

As of date, four students and one instructor were the most infected victims of this virus. Their names are yet to be disclosed.

The Morita virus at its worst!
Recently, it was discovered that the virus has crossed the Pacific and have reached the United States, with the most recent infection spreading in a Hollywood film studio.

Unfortunately, according to scientists, it seems this virus is strong enough to be destroyed that easily. It can easily adapt to its environment although most studies show it actually influences its environment more than adapt to it.

How to keep safe from the Morita virus?

The solution isn’t as easy as it seems. Honey and a four-leaf clover had been learned to drive away the virus. Spread it on your bread and eat them whenever you get the chance.

Remember, the Morita virus is toxic if not completely life-threatening. This virus attacks when least expected. Keep healthy and safe.

Keep your distance from the Morita virus

This is a public service announcement from the animeHOLIC Medical Society.