Remember those Celestial Scouts?


Sailormoon blasted out the competition back in its day

Once upon a time there was a cat that can talk. No, this isn’t Puss in Boots. The cat had a band-aid on her forhead and was laughed at by a group of kids.

Then, there came a princess. Well, she wasn’t aware of her immense status yet. But as soon as she helps the poor cat, her first step to find out the truth about herself began.

Thus started her mission to punish wrongdoers in the name of…the moon.

It was no doubt that Sailormoon was one of the most popular anime in Japan. And since its first airing locally in this country, that truth was felt by Filipinos.

Usagi leave the violin-playing to Michiru

Sailormoon rivaled the popularity of shonen titles like Yu Yu Hakusho, Slam Dunk, and Dragonball Z which were also exteremely watched at the time.

Hmmm…now why was that?

In Japan, Sailormoon was the first shoujo manga (and anime) that placed the heroines in tougher, more life-threatening situations and serious plots such as world destruction. Here in the Philippines where not a lot of shoujo anime have been shown prior to Sailormoon, it was taken as more like an action-filled show featuring female characters (as opposed to the other titles mentioned above).

Regardless of the weekly repetitive episodes (monster of the week theme), its popularity did not wane. Children gathered in front of the television week after week, seeing the development of Sailormoon and the gathering of the other Sailor Scouts. Grown ups probably watched it for the variety of scantily clad girls.

Four Scouts and a Cat

Sailormoon had the elements of both shoujo and shonen titles, which pretty much explains why it has become so popular. Every episode is packed with good laughs, fun action, and good lessonsof friendship and love.

But perhaps the best thing about the local version of this wonderful series was the voice acting. There is no denying that Filipino dubbing anime is as good as the original Japanese version and the local version of Sailormoon was no exception. Usagi’s voice was perfect and sounded immature; Amy’s sounded calm and kind; Rei’s had the strength and temper; Makoto’s voice showed toughness; and Minako’s was cheery and flirty.

Sailormoon with wings

In this country, Sailormon was one of the few animes of the 90’s. Or at least until we learned that those Literature stories ran by a local channel back then were actually animes as well. Yet it was definitely one of those few intended for teens.

Sailormoon ran here from mid 90’s to early 00’s and surprisingly by only one station (ABC 5). Perhaps it was a testament to the anime’s strength which was not seen in other titles at the time (as most were shown with complete episodes after transferring to a different channel).

Now, with the emergence of Japanese live-action adaptations in this country, when will the Sailormoon live-action make its way to our shores?

Real SailorScouts!