Ain’t your ordinary blackbook


Death Note's Light and L

Write a name and wait for forty minutes. Then no matter where in this world the bearer of the name is, death will surely come to him. This is the premise for one of the darkest, most exhiliratingly fast-paced suspense anime to date.

Death Note is the first story to come out of the mind and hands of Tsugumi Ohba. Following the story of Light Yagami and his twisted quest for world peace, Death Note has become one of the most popular anime to come out of Japan. With a plot that would keep any viewer on the edge of his seat, this one-of-a-kind anime delivers as sharp as the certainty of dying. Scared? Don’t be. This is just animation.

Death Note's police force
Now, GMA 7 has announced early this year about the airing of this deadly fine anime. So what’s with the long wait? Could it be because…

1. The (particular) local channel is busy making their version of foreign shows?
2. The (particular) local channel is busy running old anime again and again?
3. The (particular) local channel is busy re-creating old movie titles into soap operas?
4. The (particular) local channel is busy airing tons of commercials? Or
5. All of the above? Duh!

So until then, Light and the rest of the Death Note cast will have to endure waiting. But they can only stay waiting for quite some time. For then, the unthinkable might happen. So as precautionary measure, we are listing down 5 good reasons why Death Note should be given its due airtime soon.

Ryuk flies
Ryuk would run out of apples

Now if you’ve seen Ryuk, you’d understand when we tell you that he gets weirder whenever he has no apple to eat. He once compared apples to sex, so we think it can really drive him crazy to be without sex – ere, apples – whenever he wants one. And you wouldn’t want to know what this Shinigami could do if he ever gets pissed. He could start a war with some simple notebooks that he could steal from other beings like him and drop on earth to be picked up by unknowing humans.

L, Near and Mello might team up to get Kira

The master and his successor would definitely be able to capture Kira with their combined intelligence. Now that would drive the story shorter.

L drops some sugar
Kira could wipe off more people

Now this would end up with the reason above. With Kira on a rampage, the three detectives would be forced to team up and destroy Kira, shortening the series to half the munber of its original episodes.

Misa could grace the covers of men’s magazines

Hey, wait, this isn’t a bad thing! Once bored, Misa (being the brat that she is – but what a sweet brat!) could be the next cover of top men’s magazines out there. But then, with her being so popular, no one in the entire Death Note cast would want to be outshone. This could start a huge conflict between casts. They all might end up dead with the Shinigamis being the ones to survive. Rem on FHM?! Oh god, no!

And lastly…

The Death Note
The Death Note might run out of pages

Hey, it’s a long wait for the entire cast. So what to do? Well, they’ve got a pen and some paper. They could draw on it or write some poetry or a novel. Or maybe make some origami figures or fly a paper plane. Anything to take away the boredom. Or they might team up and deliberately do the task of writing criminal names on the notebook by themselves. Yes, it could be beneficial but what would become of the series then, huh? No more notebook means no more Death Note anime to show.

So to the (particular) local channel, please air Death Note sooner than what you’ve planned. Put a smile on our otakus’ faces with the sight of death from this great anime series.

Light finds the notebook