Questor’s First Summer Sizzle!


Questor Vol 2 No 4 Cover

Summer of 2001 was greeted by Questor Magazine’s Scorching-Hot April Issue. Loaded with articles and tantalizing summer images, the issue welcomes a summer pinoy otakus would never forget.

Questor Vol 2 No 4 Editorial Anime 101 Contents and Animelodies
First off, EIC Bambi reminded people of how being a fan of a cosplayer in an anime event can be such as dangerous (and annoying) thing. Apparently, someone from the December Cosplay Event was hounded with calls from people who wanted to be friends. It was a nice thing at first but anything beyond it became disconcerting. And then the good name of Questor was thrown into the frenzy when someone tried to use the name to get in touch with the cosplayer. Talk about obsession!

Questor Vol 2 No 4 Feature Article 1
The first big article in the issue was a look at the culture that has spread like wildfire during the 80’s and 90’s: Sentai and Tokusatsu. A good example of this would be Bioman and Shaider which were big back in its heyday (at least in this country). As bonus, they added a summary of the five final episodes of Bioman.

Questor Vol 2 No 4 Feature Article 2
Neon Genesis Evangelion was put on the spotlight, divulging the truth behind one of the most butchered series in the history of anime in the Philippines. Snippets of some anime with religious references were also dished out.

Questor Vol 2 No 4 Special Summer Page

To celebrate the season, Questor printed out a six-page spread with anime summer images. A bevy of beauty (and some hunks – like maybe 3 pictures with male characters – coz y’know Questor is composed mostly of  guys).

Questor Vol 2 No 4 Film Loop On Deck Anime Dudette

Regular articles Film Loop gave out three reviews on the (then new) Inuyasha anime; On Deck featured a one-of-a-kind TCG – Ani-Mayhem; Anime Dudette put the limelight on Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop; Audio Files reviewed Put3ska’s album (with a Top 10 Worst Anime Pick-Up Line somewhere on the page); Thought Balloons featured the different mangas of Records of Lodoss War; @nime paved way to the magazine’s own (and then new) website:; and Watashi-tachi introduced Visual Artist John Michael T. Lu.

Questor Vol 2 No 4 Watashi tachi AudioFiles

Fight! put Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho), Son Goku (Dragon Ball) and Ryu (Street Fighter) in a three-way duel and the manga pages of the magazine was given to Mazinger Z.

Questor Vol 2 No 4 Fight and Manga Page

Lastly, the Doujin Drawing Board recognized the great work of Magic Knight Rayearth fan Aileen Mapanao.

Questor Vol 2 No 4 Doujin Drawing Board

Summer of 2001 sure was hot, but thanks to Questor magazine it became a season that local otakus would love to look forward to.