Devil in White Robe (?): Misa Amane


Misa Amane hair twirl

Anime: Death Note

Alias: Second Kira

Birthdate: December 25, 1984

Age: 19 years old

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Blood Type: Type AB

Height: 5’0” (152 cm)

Weight: 79.4 lbs (36 kg)

Body measurement: 30-20-28

Occupation: Model/Actress

Seiyuu: Aya Hirano


Sure, Misa is the Second Kira, eliminating people off at just a brush of her pen on the Death Note. But could it also be possible to think of Misa Amane as a nice person? A hero? Or an…angel? It may sound absurd but evidenced by some accounts in her life, let us take a Shinigami-eye closer look to see how Misa may be one of the nicest persons in the world of Death Note.

Misa as actress and model

Goth-loli Misa
It isn’t a surprise that as a model and actress, Misa has a number of followers who love her. And it’s obvious why. Misa has the personality of a sociable and likeable person. She loves the crowd. But she can also be very polite to people she just met. Do not fooled by the gothic clothing and her Shinigami eyes, this blonde chick could be an angel deep inside.

Misa and Shinigami love

Jealous, a Shinigami fell in love with Misa and rescued her from death by writing her killer’s name on his notebook. And although Rem, the Shinigami who came to her, did not swear her love for her at first, in the end the Shinigami also sacrificed herself in order to save Misa. See, it’s not just people. Even otherwordly beings like Misa Amane.

Misa and Light / Kira

Misa kiss
Misa fell blindly in love with the original Kira and Light Yagami. She followed his every order and shared the blame for his sins. She even went as far as getting a Shinigami eye, reducing her lifespan. Isn’t she so nice? She would give up everything for unrequited love.

So whadoyousay? Can’t we look at Misa Amane differently?

-short article originally written by Tota Matsuda with additional information by Kanzo Mogi

Misa Amane with dark eyes