Anime’s Finest Moments Caught On Tears


Cry it all out

Let your tears come.  Let them water your soul.  ~Eileen Mayhew

Anime gives us hefty reasons to wet our eyes. For it isn’t like the cartoon shows of our yesteryears. Anime reflects much of life – the joy, the horror, the pain. And when anime means to inflict emotional damage, it delivers. Pardon to the great actors of our times but anime sometimes proves to be more convincing when it comes to dramatic moments. Perhaps because there is no limitation. Character expressions can de modified to definely match a situation.

Much like the real thing—i.e. in movies—there are those emotional moments that stand out from the rest. And animeHOLIC is here to recognize them. Those scenes that made us feel hateful, saddened, afraid, pouring our hearts out, lifting a fist into the air—you get the point.

10 categories with one thing in common: pain.

So get your tissues ready. We’re about to rip your hearts to pieces.


When the emotions well up in the heart, there is only one place for it to come out. Lots of anime characters cry for whatever reason. Yet there are those whose sobs have crossed over the television and into the viewer’s eyes.

Mustang crying

Roy Mustang already knew Hughes can be so annoying. But he accepted that. They’re old friends after all. The funny man was always there to lend a hand or give an advice not just to him. Hughes even promised to help Mustang become Fuhrer someday. So his death meant a lot of pain even for the tough flame alchemist. After the funeral and everyone else had gone, he let out his emotion and shed a tear. But knowing Mustang, he didn’t admit to it and only remarked about the rain starting to fall.


Undeniably, there is a horde of tragic pasts in anime. But only one man’s early life seems to rise among them.

Tomoe dies for Kenshin

It was one tragedy after another for Kenshin Himura. As a boy, his then-known family was slaughtered. He was taken by one of the greatest swordsman in Japan and learned the way of the samurai. But his decisions led him back to his tragic road. He became one of the deadliest samurai; he killed his own wife; he had taken Tomoe’s life the minute he killed her fiancee. By the end of the Tokugawa era, he led the fight for the government bearing the heaviest guilt among all samurais. Fifteen years after, he never thought his past would catch up to him, bringing more destruction and pain than he could ever imagine.

Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.  ~Antoine Rivarol


Anime is no stranger to the idea of death and a number of characters come to mind when speaking of the word. But to make death more painful, there must be a strong attachment to a character. Thus is how these individuals’ deaths stand out.

Euphemias outrage leading to her death

Nobody would have probably thought that Princess Euphemia could ever lift a gun or worse use it. But it was the foolish eye of Lelouch that brought this angel of Brittania to ruin and shame. Euphemia relentlessly killed the Elevens. There was no way to stop her. So Lelouch brought her down. She could’ve hurt Suzaku too yet her natural kindness and love for him fought the urge. Suzaku stayed beside her until she took her last breath.

Son Goku and Piccolo vs Raditz

Son Goku just wasn’t strong enough to defeat Raditz. Even with Piccolo’s and Gohan’s help, Raditz stood stronger. So Son Goku thought of the best but the most dangerous way to end the fight. When he held Raditz close to him, he asked Piccolo to kill them both. It was a long battle that ended with the demise of one of the most beloved man in anime.

Sailor Mars' last breath after defeating two of the DD Girls

Nobody from the SailorScouts saw it coming  when they went for their biggest fight in the North Pole. There they met the DD Girls who proved to be too strong for them. They needed to use all of their strength to match to them. But one by one, they died in front of their princess. Among them, SailorMars’ spirit and love for her Moon Princess proved to have the strongest fire.


It is imperative to think carefully before making any action. But sometimes in anime, characters are drawn into situations where careful decisions are useless and the only thing left is to do what’s worst.

Emeraude grieves for Zagato's death

Called by the pillar of Cephiro, the Magic Knights traveled a far and perilous journey. They matured in battle and in their strife to save the woman who had summoned them to that place, only to be shocked by the real reason why they were sent there. In the end they had no choice. They had to decide the fate of Princess Emeraude, much to their disdain. Had they not, Cephiro would’ve been destroyed.

Rei sheds a tear

Rei Ayanami must have started to feel more human when she battled Armisael, the 16th Angel. While the Angel tried to make contact into her, her eyes wept, putting her in shock for it was something new. Then she made the biggest decision to save everyone. Had she not, the Angel could’ve killed not only her but also Ikari. But which of the two Ikaris?

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.  ~John Vance Cheney


After much thought about our actions, and moving towards the goal, we have to get ready for the cost of what we’ve done.

Syaoran in the rain with Kudans

For Syaoran-kun, he was ready to take on the cost of being able to travel dimensions to get Sakura-hime’s feathers. Even if the cost would make the entire journey meaningless. For Sakura would never remember who he is. This he felt for the first time when Sakura finally woke up. She asked him who he was and he tried his best to explain the situation. Later on, he went out in the rain. Was he crying? Who knows. But he sure has felt the weight of his decision.

Nina and Alexander as the chimera

He didn’t want his career to end so Shou Tucker made sure he’d be able to create a chimera better than the one that turned him into the Sewing-Life Alchemist. He succeeded. But Ed and Al Elric wondered where Nina and the family dog Alexander went. Who wouldn’t have been shocked to find out that the talking chimera was Tucker’s own daughter and dog? Ed felt the horror when the chimera recognized him and said “big brother”.


There is probably only one person in anime who had made the worst lie and done the worst actions to have it well-kept. No, it’s not Lelouch Lamperouge. But close.

Soichiro Yagami's death

In his deathbed, Soichiro Yagami kept his principles as a police. Light also kept his worst secret and did more. He wanted to make his father kill another man. He was probably more concerned about disposing Mello than having his father alive. Of course he was revealed in the end, but the sad truth remained that his own father never knew of his deceits even after looking at him with Shinigami eyes.

Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts.  ~Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


As the adage goes “regret always comes last”.

Zero kills the King of Britannia

In the middle of the parade for the new and much hated King of Britannia, Zero appeared in front of everyone to show that justice prevails. He instantly killed Lelouch Lamperouge. Nunally who had been held in chains a few steps below her big brother saw the entire plan to overthrow the new king in a vision. Much to her pain, Lelouch had only wanted atonement for what he had done and to try to erase the memory of the Massacre Princess, Euphemia.


It’s never easy to gain another person’s trust let alone betray it. It’s giving up and forgetting friendship.

Sasuke bids goodbye to Konoha and Sakura

When Sasuke Uchiha decided to leave Konoha for good, he proved that even the most beloved character can turn out to be the most hated. It wasn’t a surprise for him to leave. He was out for revenge, he wanted power and he was a snob. He let go of his friendship to do his will while the people he had been with always believed he would do great.

Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either.  ~Golda Meir


Be it a brawl or a game, anime makes losing painful—especially after investing watching more than one episode only to realize the sad outcome.

Rock Lee prepares for battle

He used all his power to defeat Gaara in the preliminaries. But in the end, Rock Lee’s persistence proved futile. To witness how much of the boy had matured because of being bullied is touching. Rock Lee thought he never had a special ability like the rest of his team. Until he trained continuously and developed his own strength. Though in the end, Gaara who had been insulted in front of everyone, broke off Lee’s arm and leg.

Hanamichi makes a dreadful pass

It was a tough game. Only seconds left and with one point lead for Kainan. Yet Hanamichi Sakuragi’s strength lent his team hope. He failed to score a free throw but proved himself “rebound king” when he took the ball back to their team. Then he passed it to Akagi, only the realize the shock of having passed the ball to a Kainan member who sported the same hair as Shohoku’s team captain. Shohoku lost to Kainan with only one point lead. They almost made it to the Inter-High.

Parting Ways

Saying goodbye is never without a moment of mixed emotions. And most of the time, the viewers whose attachment to the character have become strong or stronger feels the pain. There are a lot of goodbye moments in anime, but there are two that pulls down so much weight on otakus everywhere.

Kenshin bids farewell

In one of the most heart-wrenching scene in anime, a samurai with a dark past bade farewell to the lady who welcomed him to her home. Kaoru Kamiya couldn’t believe Kenshin would travel to Kyoto to fight Shishio. She thought they’d be happy in Tokyo together. For she knew it wasn’t his fault that Shishio has planned to overthrow the Meiji government. Kenshin was calm, knowing that he’s the only one the government could count on. He hugged Kaoru and thanked her for everything. Right then and there, he walked and disappeared in the dark while Kaoru cried her heart out, her tears illuminated by the fireflies of that fateful night.

Going Merry saves the Straw Hat

The Straw Hat crew have had a lot of adventures. Of course, these would never be possible without the help of the one their most hardworking crew: their ship Going Merry. But the ship got old and after trying to patch it up for countless times, needed to be put to rest. Yet, in an act of shivalry and loyalty to his friends the Going Merry traveled the ocean to save his crew. For a time the ship had created a life of its own with nothing but love for his friends. But it was short-lived. Going Merry’s damage after saving his crew was too much that it finally bade farewell.

There you have it. Anime moments to well-up your eyes. Don’t be ashamed. It’s okay to weep for your favorite anime. Just make sure no one sees you or at least get a friend to weep with you—though make sure he or she’s an otaku like you.

If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful ~ Sophia Loren