Nice Anime Theme…but maybe not the music video

I was looking for some J-pop/J-rock feel so I went to YouTube to watch some videos. There I came upon a music video for one of my most recent anime favorites—Tsubasa Chronicle. And how great and apt that it be sung by my all-time favorite J-pop artist – Maaya Sakamoto. The song is called “Loop”.

As a Tsubasa Chronicle fan, I have really come to love Loop and would always catch the episode ending just to listen to it. Of course, I do not know what it meant but it sounded really good.

As I watch the video, I quickly thought it didn’t have the same effect on me as when I am looking at the anime ending theme. To understand the song, I looked up the translation of the lyrics at There, I realized what the song might be about. But why can’t I still appreciate it? To think that this is a Maaya Sakamoto song…

Here is the lyrics to the song together with a translated text:

nee kono machi ga yuuyami ni somaru toki wa
sekai no dokoka de asahi ga sasu
kimi no te no naka sono hana ga kareru toki wa
chiisana tane wo otosu darou

fumikatamerareta tsuchi wo michi da to yobu no naraba
me wo tojiru koto de mo ai ka naa?

kono hoshi ga tairanara futari deaetenakatta
otagai wo toozakeru you ni hashitteita

SUPIIDO wo yurumezu ni ima wa donna ni hanarete mo
meguru kiseki no tochuu ni mata mukaiau no darou

nee kono michi wo yuuyami ga sariiku toki ni
kono namida tsuretette

katari kakete kuru moji wo shousetu to yobu no nara
todokanai kotoba wa yume ka naa?

yodomi naku nagareteku kawa ni ukabeta ko no ha de
umi wo mezashite kumo ni natte ame de furou

tooi kimi no chikaku de ochita tane wo sodate you
chigau basho de kimi ga kiduite kureru to iin dakedo

kono hoshi ga taema naku mawari tsudukete iru kara
chiisaku aketa mado no soto keshiki wo kae

watashi no aishita hana sotto mebaeru kisetsu de
meguru kiseki no sono hate mata mukaiau no darou
mukaiau no darou

kururu wawaru kuru kuru to
kuru kuru kimi no mawari wo


Hey, while this town is covered by twilight,
The morning sun is shining down somewhere else in this world.
As that flower withers away in your hand,
A little seed probably falls into the ground somewhere.

If the trodden soil is called a path,
Then is shutting my eyes love?

If our star was flat, the two of us wouldn’t have met.
We were running without slowing down,
As if from each other. No matter how far apart we are now,
We will surely face each other again in this revolving miracle.

Hey, when the twilight passes from this town,
Take my tears away too.

If a story of words is called a novel,
Then are these words that can’t reach it my dream?

Carried by fallen leaves floating in the river that flows without faltering,
Became clouds with the sea and fell with the rain,
I will raise this seed that fell near the distant you.
If only you would notice me from your distant location.

Because our star revolves without stopping,
The sceneries outside the tiny opened window,
And the flower I loved, we will surely face each other again,
In this revolving miracle, in this sprouting season,
We will surely face each other again.
Round and round I go,
Round and round around you.

Loop video 1

I noticed a number of things that makes the video kinda weird. First, there’s the background. Sure it looks nice. Is she sort of like in a green cave? Or were they trying to make a green space with floating pictures? I think it wouldv’e been nicer if the images were not printed on the wall but rather wafting in the air so it would float in front of her at times.

Loop video 2

Then there’s the woman in a kimono and in a small pond. Who is she? Is she Maaya? Is she a representation or something? Of what then? I never got to understand what her purpose in the video was. Next to that was the jellyfish. Yes, I do recall reading “ocean” on the translated lyrics text, but why only use a jellyfish? And what is that blue thing coming out of it?

Loop video 3

The next scene drove me nuts. It was where Maaya is shown turning around. Why did they show that scene for three times? What’s up with that?

Loop video 4

Then there’s the part where Maaya was shown standing up with arms wide apart. I felt uncomfortable looking at her posture. Not flattering at all. It looked like a poor acting student performing on a bad school play. Don’t get me wrong, I love Maaya Sakamoto but this video just didn’t work out for her. I’ve seen other videos of hers and this turned out to be least favorite.

Loop video 5

But at last, there is a saving grace. A scene that I liked. It showed some blue specs float up from the water surface. I though it was nice. Unfortunately this part is somewhere around the ending so too bad. ^ ^

Loop was one of the first songs that I loved in Trubasa Chronicles. No matter what the meaning of the song is, I don’t feel like this is one of Maaya Sakamoto’s best videos.