Arjuna to Earth: A Message of Hope


Earth Girl Arjuna

The world sure has changed. But I’m not here to make comparisons between our planet before and now. Let’s stop looking back and reminiscing. What we need now is to think of what to do in the coming time. We need to act to save our world. Now, let’s start by watching an anime.

Huuwhat?? Anime and environment preservation?! Anime is mostly action and fighting or crying and trying to make sense of human emotions. Sure, they sometimes touch topics such as animal protection and world destruction but they probably aren’t enough to make people act accordingly to how nature needs them.

And then there’s Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna (Earth Girl Arjuna).

From the title itself, you know it’s going to be about a girl and the planet. You know it’ll be about saving the forests and the rivers and the animals. You’re certain there will be struggles between the modern society and nature. But Earth Girl Arjuna intends to bring more than just your average story.

Chris Hawken from Arjuna
Created by Shoji Kawamori (of Macross and Escaflowne fame), Arjuna could be one of the most thought-provoking anime out there. It tells the story of a young girl who becomes the one to protect the environment from the Raaja – mysterious monsters that tend to wreak havoc on earth. Or at least that’s what she thought. For Earth Girl Arjuna is not your typical “save the earth” story.

And Earth Girl Arjuna comes at a time when people need better awareness ofwhat’s going on with nature. So to our local channels I present a call to bring this nature-friendly anime for local otakus to enjoy and learn much from. Here are five reasons why pinoy otakus would love Earth Girl Arjuna:

1. We care for our world

And so does Arjuna. Juna, the main protagonist of the series flies off to save us one raaja at a time. When she almost died in an accident, she met a being unlike any other who made a deal with her to bring her back to life in exchange for her service to the environment. Since then, she had been using her giant bow and arrow to shoot off rajaas wreaking havoc in this world. But is it the solution to save everyone. Later, she learns what caring for nature really means.

Juna and Tokio
2. The music of Yokko Kanno

For those who have seen Vision of Escaflowne, it’s not difficult to notice the great artistry of Yokko Kanno’s music. The same thing can be observed in Earth Girl Arjuna. Again, the master worked with director Shoji Kawamura to bring the proper atmosphere to the anime. There are not a lot of words to beautifully describe Kanno’s works. To deeply appreciate it means to listen to it with the heart.

3. A lot of flying and saving

Whenever Juna senses a raaja, she trasnforms into a being that looks nothing like her. She has a transparent veil that flows with her every movement; her hair stiffens up to a yellow covering that looks organic as much as her entire body. As the rajaa detects her presence, a fight quickly ensues. Juna has the power to bring down a raaja with a giant bow and arrow. The action sequences that comprise Earth Girl Arjuna are enough to make one hold on to his seats – especially for an anime where fighting to solve the probelm is clearly not the solution.

Juna as Avatar of Time
4. A deeper understanding of the world

Ever wondered how animals know where to find food or why plants with insects are actually more healthy? These and a lot more understanding of nature’s workings can be found in Earth Girl Arjuna. It surely is an eye-opener. There are a lot to learn about the world in this anime. And once you’ve seen all the episodes, you’ll come to agree why it’s one of the most though-provoking anime ever created.

5. You can’t go wrong with Shoji Kawamori.

The fact that he has directed some of the most beautiful anime out there is enough reason to love this series. Who would not want to watch a Shoji Kawamori anime? Oh, c’mon!

There are lots more to say about Earth Girl Arjuna than the number of episodes it has. I could only wish that the local channels put this anime out there as soon as possible. It’s not often that we get to see an anime that directly teaches us to care for our environment.

Juna and Tokio ride away