Steal My Heart Phantom St. Tail


The cast of Kaitou St Tail - only older

It was time when cuteness dominated television. One lovely young lass and her hedgehog companion quietly entered our lives to steal our attention off any other anime at the time.

Kaitou St. Tail or Sweet Tales of St. Tail locally was one of the few first English-dubbed anime to come out on local channels. It had a very good primetime spot which at that time has not been recognized by other channels and would soon pave way to anime on primetime.

The anime followed the story of Meimi Haneoka, a typical school girl who often ends up agruing with the loudest boy in class who also happens to be appointed by the mayor to capture the great thief St. Tail. What he never knew was that he was already arguing with the cute phantom theif.

Haneoka Meimi
As St. Tail, Meimi’s mission is to get back something that was (dishonestly) taken by another person. She gets all sorts of items to retrieve and gets the information from her best friend Seira Mimori who hears it from people who go the school church and pray to have it back.

During morning Meimi rounds St. Paulia’s Private School as a cute student, but at night she comes to the church to change into St. Tail, usually praying with nun-in-training Seira before going into action.

With her is her trusty companion Ruby, a hedgehog she tried to protect from a man who put a gem inside its body. But she has to keep her from Asuka Jr’s view.

Asuka Jr.
Asuka Jr. has had an embarrassing brush with St. Tail which only fired the boy up in capturing the thief. But as he continued to chase her, he soon developsed a deeper feeling for St. Tail. Could it be love? Has St. Tail stolen his heart as well?

Rina Takamiya, a transfer student, would not let that happen though. She came to St. Paulia’s Private School to help in the investigation of the popular thief and has set her eyes on Meimi as St. Tail’s alter ego. Talk about intuition!

But Rina is also out to capture Asuka Jr. for her own. Not that Meimi cares anyway. Or does she?

St Tail and Asuka hand in hand
Sweet Tales of St. Tail kept stealing for almost a year with 48 episodes in total. When it was shown, there were some fear that it might end up becoming like the animes shown at the time. See, there was a plague in the animes shown locally here and that was being discontinued when it’s about a few episodes away from the end. Yu Yu Hakusho, Voltes V, Superboink and Time Quest were just some of these casualties in the earlier local anime industry.

Yet St. Tail stood upon them all and by the end of 1998, a few days after Christmas, the anime had its final episode shown. And thank god it did!

St Tail and Ruby