Anime Idol: Week 1

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12 contestants. But only 1 to take the title.

Welcome to the first week of Anime Idol!

After a considerable number of anime characters, we’ve come down to twelve hopefuls to vie for the prestige of becoming the first Anime Idol.

Two weeks ago, we’ve introduced the contestants. Each week, they will be put through a test to determine which should be properly idolized by the growing otaku community. Those who are not able to get enough merit would not move on and would be eliminated.

So who goes this week?

But first, a hint of the character attitude we’re looking for for Week 1:

“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”

~ John Wesley

Have you guessed the attitude that is up for Week 1?


Week 1: Generosity

It’s giving without the thought of receiving anything back. It’s the idea that brings joy to the one who receives and satisfaction to those who give. Who wouldn’t want to show some generosity to his fellow man?

Generosity stems from the thought of making someone happy. Others come first and not the self. Yet some could also look at it the same way around.

It makes us better individuals when we learn to share or sacrifice more for others. It is something our parents thought us when we were young. If not for it, this world would be full of people who don’t care for each other.

So who gets booted out this week for having the least merit on generosity?

Week 1 Out - Hanamichi Sakuragi

Perhaps Hanamichi Sakuragi should learn to share the ball with Rukawa or the court with the rest of the Shohoku team. Hanamichi may not be mature enough yet to be able to give more of himself. Even for the attention of Haruko Akagi, Hanamichi could be such a greedy young man, often bursting in complete jealousy.

Basketball may have been a great way for him to develop a better sense of camaraderie and selflessness, but right now Hanamichi still needs to work on this one attitude that made him more popular with trouble than with people.

For Week 1 of Anime Idol, we say goodbye (and goodluck) to Hanamichi Sakuragi…


Week 1 went by with a breeze. Now only 11 hopefuls remain…

Anime Idol Round - Week 1

Who would be eliminated next week? And who would stand strong enough to become animeHOLIC’s first Anime Idol?

Here’s what’s in store for Week 2:

“All humans are summed up by two words: wait and hope.”

~ Alexandre Dumas Père