Questor Magazine Slashes In


May 2001 was a month to remember for pinoy Rurouni Kenshin fans when Questor Magazine dished out its samurai issue and of course did not forget to pay tribute to the one samurai anime that has pierced its way through our hearts.

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Cover

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Alternate Cover

Opening the front cover, otakus were surprised by a second cover with Kenshin Himura and Tomoe Yukishiro gracing it to officially announce the special issue.

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Lupin Feature
A look at the fashion of Lupin III started the lineup of articles, as well as a look-back at how Lupin III gained its much-deserved popularity.

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Rurouni Feature 1
Then an article chronicling the lives of the most famous samurais of the Land of the Rising Sun introduced otakus to some of anime’s samurai inspirations. Immediately next to it was a listing of the weapons used in Rurouni Kenshin. Pretty useful info there! They even included a close look at how the samurai sword is made and how unique it is.

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Rurouni Feature 2
Continuing the Rurouni Kenshin article lineup was an article about the life of Kenshin Himura and how it drastically changed. The next page dished out an episode guide to the most heart-wrenching part of the entire Rurouni Kenshin drama which gave a glimpse of how this dangerous assassin changed into a gentle wanderer. So sad!

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Rurouni Feature 3 Animelodies and Anime Dude
Next was a spoiler article about the ending of the Rurouni Kenshin manga. His ultimate battle article was accompanied by some quotes from the manga.

The Rurouni Kenshin fever did not stop there. From the images on the Contents page to the feature on Aoshi Shinomori and a soundtrack and website review, the Questor Staff really delivered a special treat to pinoy otakus. Oh, and there’s an Animelodies section featuring the lines to two “most-requested” songs by fans.

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Contents Editorial and Film Loop
Regular articles included a look at Lone Wolf and Cub (another samurai anime), Blade of the Immortal and Samurai Showdown. Heck, even Anime Continuum featured Yaiba. See the samurai trend? Then, Watashi-tachi featured Japanese Correspondent Takako Takimoto.

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Thought Balloons anime and Watashi-tachi
For Anime 101, a question on Bubblegum Crisis was answered and Accessing Memory Card featured King of Fighters 2000 Game.

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Contents ACM Anime 101 and Anime Continuum

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Fight and Audiofiles
Fight! featured a duel between two popular robots at the time: the Gundam Wing Zero Custom and the Evangelion 01. Great artwork by Jennyson Rosero!

Then, two surprises was also given to otakus in this issue. One is the small stationery pad featuring Mocchi of Monster Rancher and the cast (chibi) of Yu Yu Hakusho (the YYH stationery had writings so I didn’t put it); The other was an ad for something that would soon come to the magazine – a Gokitomo ad. Wonder what it would be? Hmmm…

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Manga Ad and omake
And lastly for the Doujin Drawing Board, two artworks that used opposite art technique were recognized. Clarence Brilliantes was chosen Questor Black and White Pick while Jose Arboleda was chosen Questor Colored Pick.

Questor Vol 02 No 05 Doujin Drawing Board
Yay, it was me again on the Doujin Drawing Board! Only after two months (March 2001) my talents were again recognized. Two points for me then!

With Questor’s newest issue, another spark flared among pinoy Rurouni Kenshin fans. It was a look-back for some while an intro to some. But the same message was clearly intended for all pinoy otakus: Keep loving anime!