Anime Idol: Week 2

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12 contestants. But only 1 to take the title.

This is the second week of Anime Idol!

After a considerable number of anime characters, we’ve come down to twelve hopefuls to vie for prestige of becoming the first Anime Idol.

Each week, they will be put through a test to determine which should be properly idolized by the growing otaku community. Those who are not able to get enough merit would not move on and would be eliminated.

Last week, Hanamichi Sakuragi had his last two minutes and was sent packing. So who gets to go this week?

But first, a hint of the character attitude we’re looking for for Week 2:

All humans are summed up by two words: wait and hope.

~ Alexandre Dumas Père

Have you guessed the attitude we’re looking for on Week 2?


Week 2: Patience

The key to success is patience. True. One of the hardest thing to make a person do person is to be patient. Time keeps moving after all and no one would want to get left behind.

To be patient is to possess discipline. Patience is also a sign of trust. One waits for the right opportunity even if it takes a long time. A bird waiting for its prey in the water needs patience to get its food.

Waiting can be troublesome but its also a sacrifice worthy of a reward.

So who gets to be booted out this week because he or she couldn’t wait longer?

Week 2 Out - Edward Elric

Edward Elric may argue that he doesn’t have the time to spare. After all, Al must be brought back to being a human. Yet this trait of his was the very reason why he and his brother were now suffering.

They wanted to be with their mother again. So they took it upon themselves and used alchemy to bring her back. Now they have suffered its consequence.

For Week 2, we say goodbye to Edward Elric and wishes the best of luck on finding the Philosopher’s Stone…


Week 2 has come and gone, leaving only 10 hopefuls.

Anime Idol Round - Week 2

Who would be eliminated on Week 3? Who would stay to claim the title of becoming animeHOLIC’s first Anime Idol?

Here’s a clue as to what’s in store for Week 3:

A friend is a present you give yourself.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson