Cuddly Cuteness Comin’ In


Yakko blushing

If we could collect all the cute creatures in all of anime, they could probably fill an entire world for themselves. Just imagine all the pokemons and the digimons out there. And with anime releases not showing any sign of stopping, we keep an eye out for more beautiful, weird but definitely unique creatures to blush for.

But for the meantime, we look at some of the most notable popular and equally cuddly anime critters of the present time. Please place your hands on your back (a preventive measure against all you lover of everything cute) and get ready to see cuteness personified – or rather crittefied!

: Mojacko

Mojacko - Mojacko
Well, pretty much every Moja-Moja creature in the world of Mojacko is cute. Even the big ones. But mojacko definitely stands out among them. Well, first because he’s the star of his own show; second, he’s got a funny stretching tongue; third, see him flatten out whenever his body touches water. But “cute” seems to be Mojacko’s middle name for whatever he says and does is worth the laugh.

(Card Captor Sakura)

Card Captor Sakura - Keroberos
No other cuddly critter is as annoyingly cute as Keroberos. This yellow winged creature loves to eat but never puts on weight. Good thing its soon-to-be-master is a good cook. He also loves to play computer games and has become pretty good at it. And you gotta admit, it looks so cute in Tomoyo’s costumes. No other anime creature loves to dress for a fight.


Tenchi Muyo - Ryoki
If you think cats and rabbits are cute, then Ryoki would be perfectly cute. Ryoki, a quiet critter owned by the alien Ryoko, is a combination of rabbit and a cat. But it has the talent to change into a spaceship! Talk about cute and convenient! Make sure to feed it with carrots. It doesn’t bite and likes quiet moments.

:Chibi and Chu Totoro
(My Neighbor Totoro)

My Neighbor Totoro - Chibi Totoro and Chu Totoro

The word critter is too small for the O Totoro (the biggest one) so let’s look at its two friends instead. Chibi Totoro (the white, fluffy one) and Chu Totoro (the small version of the O Totoro) once made the day of a young girl alone on a sunny morning. What does it do? No one knows. But it sure looks cute running with nuts it seems to love collecting. Then it rides O Totoro to explore the field or grow plants – or is that entering children’s dreams?


DNAngel - Wiz
This critter may look innocent, but it is becomes part of one of the greatest thief. Wiz can change into a pair of black wings used by Dark to scour the city stealing things. At home, it stays with a young man and often brings relief to the poo boy’s fatigues and frustrations.

(Magic Knight Rayearth, Tsubasa Chronicle, xxxHOLIC)

Magic Knight Rayearth - Mokona
Mokona of Magic Knight Rayearth
It doesn’t speak except “puu” and tags along with the Magic Knights as they journey to save the princess. No other Mokona (or creature for that matter) can compare to this Mokona’s ability to provide items and food from the jewel in its head. But what’s the best thing about this cutie pie is that it’s actually a god.

Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLIC - Mokona Modoki
Mokona Modoki of Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLIC

They may be mere copies of the Mokona from MKR, but these two have their own personalities to offer. First, unlike the original Mokona, they can talk. And they can be rude and funny, especially the black one. Second, they have distinct abilites which are both important since they were created for a mission. The white one can take people to different dimensions. These two can be very useful for transporting things and communication between dimensions.