For the Love of the Chase: Asuka Jr


Daiki smile

Anime: Kaitou St. Tail (Sweet Tales of Saint Tail)

Name: Daiki Asuka Jr.

Age: 14 years old

Birthdate: August 12

Height: 159 cm

Hair Color: Black / Dark Green

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Blood Type: AB

School: Saint Pualia’s Private School  (2nd year Junior High)

Favorite Subjects: Math and Chemistry

Seiyuu: Okano Kousuke


Excerpts from a diary of a young detective:

Daiki caught
October 12

Who’s this new thief in town anyway? Seems like even my father is on the case to catch it, but failed miserably. The miscreant managed to embarrass him. I won’t have it! I’m going to help my father without him knowing it. I’ll be the one to catch this Saint Tail. And how dare he use the word “saint” on his name? That thief! Arrgghh!!

October 19

Damn! My first try to catch “Saint Thief” and I got myself into so much mess! But now that the mayor himself has given me the permission to pursue the town’s thief I’m going to do all I can to put the criminal to justice. Call me Detective Asuka Jr!

Daiki with camera
November 23

Still couldn’t catch Saint Tail. But why do I seem to recall an argument with an annoying classmate? What’s her name again? Meimei?! I dunno. There’s a new girl in class and she seems to cling too close to me. It’s uncomfortable. The crazy transfer student even seems to believe Ms. Annoying is Saint Tail! Hilarious!

January 8

I almost got a glimpse of Saint Tail’s face. I seem to forget that the thief is a she. Hmmm…I wonder if she’s beautiful. Darn! If not for that pesky rodent she’s got, I would have seen her face. I’m so close to revealing her identity. Oh yeah!

St Tails clue
March 14

I seem to enjoy chasing Saint Tail now. Darn, did I just help her get out of a tight situation? What is going on with me?! I watch her fly into the night on a bunch of balloons, her silhouette and her orange hair floating in the air.

July 4

Darn it! I love her…I know I do. That Saint Tail just stole my heart!

End of entry.