Brawlers Begin: 10 Best Bakugan Toyline


Bakugan fight!

I sure wish pokemon was like this. I mean the Bakugan toyline. Imagine, throwing the pokeball on a magnetic card and see it pop open to reveal a pokemon inside. Neat, right?

That’s just how cool the Bakugan toyline is. I could care less about the anime. Its toyline is more worth the attention.

The first time I saw a Bakugan toy, I thought “what did they come up now?” I thought it was just an ordninary plastic ball (a little heavy though). But the moment I placed it on the (rather) thick card that came with it, I was surprised and impressed.

I’m not into Collectible Card Games at all. In fact, this writing won’t talk about the game as if a review. This is but a close look at the polyeurethane spheres that could well revolutionize the already exciting world of CCGs in the future.

There are a number of Bakugan items out there, but for this writing we take down only ten of the most impressive. It’s time for Bakugan Brawl!

10: Haos Tigrerra

10 Haos Tigrerra
Half of this Bakugan splits to look like the forefront legs of a tiger ready to prowl. Look inside it and the head of a powerful tiger looks fiercefully. Its white and gold color combination makes it look silent but menacing.

09: Darkus Mantis

09 Darkus Mantris
This Bakugan is quite simple compared to others. Yet, this is the very reason why it is remarkable. Four small parts on its bottom snap out to form the legs. Around two-thirds on its top part, a narrow portion snaps up to form the neck with the detailed head while the larger portion snaps on the opposite direction to form the mandibles.

08: Aquos Sirenoid

08 Aquos Sirenoid
One will never mistake this Bakugan for nothing else but a sea creature. It has a tail akin to a mermaid and fins at the bottom of its body that makes it look like it will definitely float on a liquid surface.

07: Subterra Centipoid

07 Subterra Centipoid
As the name clearly implies, it’s a centipede Bakugan. Simply enough, its parts fold out to form a long, segmented body. The sides of the sphere stay to look like its belly.

06: Darkus Fear Ripper

06 Darkus Fear Ripper
Indeed, it strikes fear. Just look at its big hands ready to do some major damage. It has the horrific face of a destroyer and its color does not make it less scary either.

05: Subterra Clayf

05 Subterra Clayf
This Bakugan belongs to the legendary line and it shows. It looks mystical and oddly powerful. Half of its entire body splits open to reveal a strange looking face.

04: Pyrus Apollonir

04 Pyrus Apollonir
One look at this and a dragon comes to mind. More majestic than the Pyrus Dragonoid, this is also one of the legendary ones. It has powerful claws that can olny be seen after its wings become wide open. It also has a golden horn.

03: Darkus Exedra

03 Darkus Exedra
This creepy-looking Bakugan has six serpent heads akin to that of Medusa. It opens quite simply but it’s the inside that makes this legendary Bakugan scary and exciting.

02: Ventus Skyress

02 Ventus Skyress
There can only be one Bakugan that can veer away from its sphere shape better than the Darkus Mantis. This master of the sky has wings and a head with menacing beaks. One can never mistake this Bakugan for something else upon first glance. It flies high among one of the most impressive-looking Bakugan out there.

But not high enough to get to number one for that spot belongs to…

01: Haos Tentaclear

01 Haos Tentaclear
No other Bakugan is as strange and knowing as the Haos Tentaclear. Opening it, one could easily tell that here is something terrible and huge inside — and then it reveals its menacing eye! No one can ever escape its sight.