Please Save My Earth (?): Arjuna


Juna aims her arrow

Anime: Earth Girl Arjuna

Name: Juna Ariyoshi

Age: 16 years old

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Violet

Grade: Tenth

Title: Avatar of Time

Seiyuu: Mami Higashiyama


Juna was just an ordinary student until she and her boyfriend met an accident on the road. She died. Or at least that’s according to the medical facilities. Her soul actually lingered and met a young man who made a deal with her to work with him in exchange for her life.

Juna and Tokio
Now alive and kicking enemy butts, Juna works as the Avatar of Time, an entity she herself had never imagined. As the Avatar of Time, Juna has the mission to fight creatures called “Rajaa” that seems to wreck havoc on earth.

But Chris Hawken, the man whom she made the deal with, never approve of her actions as the Avatar of Time. He constantly hounded her with questions that sure made her confused about her mission.

Juna new being
As an Earth maiden, Juna begins to live a life with deeper understanding of the Earth’s processes and how everything in this world are linked together, forming a greater whole. But even the Rajaa?

Soon, Juna becomes entangled in a mission to save Earth from its own inhabitants and as she gains better understanding of how this small world works, she begins to fully understand what her mission is.

Becoming one with the target, Juna learns that the Rajaa are not the enemy. So who is?

Juna face