Bakuman Turns 1!


Mashiro and Takagi

In the world of manga, two young boys take the challenges of having their own creation put into print. And now, they’ve been taking the roller coaster ride for a full year!

Exactly 12 months ago, a rather well-known tandem comprised of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata told the story of young mangaka-wannabes in the pages of Shonen Jump. You may have heard of this tandem from a pretty popular manga and anime entitled Death Note.

From their own brain and pen came two determined high schoolers who dreamt of seeing their own story in black and white. Thus, Bakuman came to be.

The story is quite simple: two young students who never even talked to each other before they met became friends after realizing their similar dreams. Akito Takagi who had been one of the best students in their school approached Moritaka Mashiro to talk him into makinga manga.

Takagi may not have a very well-thought-out reason for being a manga, except maybe to escape the world’s expectations for intellectual people like him but Mashiro had always wanted to be a mangaka for much deeper reasons. And now, he’s got a better reason to pursue making manga—the love of his crush Miho Azuki.

Bakuman comic
What started as an enjoyable adventure for these two quickly became a challenging one with the arrival of one of the country’s youngest rising mangaka: Eiji Nizuma. This lad took the manga world by storm and Muto Ashirogi–their pen name—must do everything they can to survive the business.

In their journey as mangakas, they are joined by rivals/friends who are also struggling to mark their names. Through these groups of artists, they learn to strive harder and push themselves even harder as they begin to realize their dreams.

Muto Ashirogi competitors
In the end, they aim to have an anime based on their manga. But it probably won’t stop there. As the series progress, tougher competition are coming their way, including a well-known mystery novelist who may be out there to make a run out of their money and growing popularity.

Ohba and Obata have once again created a series which though may not be as complicated as their debut work, but definitely as exciting as their signature first creation of a megalomaniacal teenager out to conquer the world.

Bakuman might definitely have its own spot in the anime world soon! And that is something worth looking forward to.