xxxHOLic Anonymous


Yuuko and Watanuki

It’s not so often to see an anime seires that provides a good combination of gripping and chilling stories and a valuable lesson by the end of each episode.

Then again, it’s not so often that an anime provides some details to a much bigger story or another anime that runs alongside it. And it sure isn’t everyday that an otaku comes across an anime that crosses over to another anime series.

Watanuki eye
So a chance to experience one of CLAMP’s most intriguing offerings can be considered “divine”. And in the words of Yuuko, one of its main protagonists, it can only be described as “inevitable”.

But it seems it’s not that easy to get a hold of xxxHOLic. This series had run and had ended years ago and is quite popular in Japan, but for some strange reason, it had never crossed over to our islands. Why is that???

But do I hear a bargain? A negotiation to finally put xxxHOLic pn Phil. TV? Do we really have to go over thinking about it?

As Yuuko would always explain, an exchange must have equal values for both the thing to be sold and the wish. And we’re more than ready to bargain for a chance to see xxxHOLic on local TV.

Here’s what we’ve decided to sacrifie in order for local channels to bring the story of the Dimension Witch and her errand boy on local TV:

5: We’re ready to exchange most of our meals

Think it’s not worth the bargain? Try not eating for days. We’re more than ready to skip meals every now and then. Looking at the characters of xxxHOLic, it’s always been a wonder how these character stay so slim and man, those long limbs and torsos! Nobody would mind having a Yuuko-esque posture. Imagine all the fahionable clothes you could put on.

Yuuko with Chii headphone
4: We’re ready to sacrifice our remote controls

This is more for the couch potatoes. We won’t mind throwing out the remote control if it means we get to see Yuuko and Watanuki every time till we get tired and maybe die. But at least we die happy, ne?

3: We’re ready to give up our time

See the above explanation.

2: We’re ready to exchange any one wish we have

What else would we wish for if xxxHOLic finally makes it to local TV? Oh yeah, maybe a tie-up with Tsubasa Chronicles to make the story clearer. Oh wait! It’s already happened with Production IG taking control of Tsubasa as well. Wish granted!

Watanuki and Doumeki
1: We’re more than ready to sacrifice our…leaders

They don’t seem to care for most of us, so why should we care for them? Yuuko can always just put them inside those glass tubes where Syaoran and Sakura were in and not let them out for eternity. Tee hee!

So whadoyousay? We can sacrifice a lot more but then we might start violating human rights so this is all we could offer for now…