Hunt for the Greatest Bounty Evah!


Trigun cast

Everyone is out to hunt the head of the man with the greatest amount of bounty in the history of history. But the man in question continues to slip out of every trouble he gets into. Quite hard to believe, ne?

Is $$60,000,000,000 (sixty billion double dollars) any easier to believe?

Vash head pop out
What’s easy to stomach (and recall)  though is the fact that early this decade, a little later when the anime revolution in this country had started, Trigun, the story of a man with the biggest bounty on his head was enjoyed by local otakus.

Trigun introduced pinoy otakus to the crazy world of bounty hunters with a rather crazier protagonist named Vash the Stampede. Cool name, huh? Wait till you meet him and face complete disappointment.

Trigun twins
For one, Vash does not look like the cowboy heroes that media have presented over years. He could in fact be the opposite. He runs around frantically with the sound of gun shots and acts like a complete lunatic.

He also puts his hunters and other people who go into contact with him into so much trouble—without him realizing it sometimes. Two insurance company representatives get tied into this ever increasing fuss Vash creates as they scour the planet asking making him pay for all the damages.

Now, who would be foolish enough to believe that Vash has created the most massive destruction ever recorded?

Vash aims a gun
Yet he did. And so his past haunts him. Among all the hunters out to capture him—dead or alive, is a group of gunmen who’s hired to destroy him and only him and they will stop at nothing to complete their job.

Vash doesn’t seem affected by the biggest threats thrown at him though. But wait till innocant civilians become invovled. That’s when Vash shows just how much he’s worthy of those cool shades and leather jacket.

Vash cool shades
And is that massive gun of his scary or what?