Pimpin’ them out: All the Ghibli Ladies



The way Studio Ghibli films go (wholesome and all those good and positive stuff), it’s no surprise to find their bevy of beautiful girls having the characteristics of the nearly-perfect girl to bring home to mama or at least someone to hang out with and/or perhaps go on a date with.

And so we’re pimpin’ em out. The ladies of Studio Ghibli taken out on a date ain’t a bad idea, right?

We have environmental activists, confidence boosters, sentimental souls. All in all, loveable, beautiful girls who make Venus very proud.

So who among the Studio Ghibli girls would you pick to know better?

Sheeta of Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Sheeta of Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Sheeta once lived a simple life in the fields with her grandmother so she perfectly knows how to keep a level head. Never even did the thought that she could be a princess come into her mind.
Sheeta could go anywhere, evidenced by all the adventures she’s experienced. This girl knows how to toughen up when the need calls for it. And being a princess of a palace floating in the sky doesn’t make her an airhead. She’s smart, humble and caring. All those characteristics inside a beautiful shell.

Fio of Porco Rosso

Fio or Porco Rosso

Fio, despite her age, isa competent mechanic. And a beautiful mechanic at that. She helped Porcofix his plane and earned his affection enough to battle it out with another plane pilot who wishes for her hand in marriage.
Fio could probably be amazed by anything that has to do with airplanes so it would always be a treat to take her to an airplane museum or a hangar. But wouldn’t it be better to let her fly an airplane herself? Fio may seem tough but its always good to uncover some hidden softness in a lady.

Sophie of Howl’s Moving Castle

Sophie of Howls Moving Castle
Do not be tricked by the image of an old lady before you. Once the magic is gone, Sophie reveals herself as a beautiful young lady with a magical house and equally magical friends to call her own.
Sophie can be very useful in the house. She can easily do household chores and has the patience of a saint—just look at how she gets along with Howl! Sophie knows what is best in any situation and always lends out a helping hand. Find her in the magical shop nearest you. Or you could go to the mountains to track her moving residence.

Haru of The Cat Returns

Haru of The Cat Returns
Haru was just an ordinary girl who happened to have saved a cat from a rather disgusting doom. Who wouldv’e thought that the cat could actually talk, and from then on her life had turned topsy-turvy.
Haru, as exemplified by how she saved the black cat from getting hit by a truck, is probably best taken to a date somewhere she could how her sporty side. She’s not hard to love—c’mon, cats loved her. And just look at her round, innocent eyes.

Therru of Tales from Earthsea

Therru of Tales from Earthsea
Taken in as a slave, Therru managed to escape and lived in a field away from the bustles of the city. In the end, she revealed herself to be a dragon who saved everyone from a rampaging sorcerer.
Therru may scare any probable date, but once she has eased up, she could easily show a gentle side behind the scarred façade. Therru doesn’t easily talk to people but hey, a little challenge will always be welcomed. She is a lover of life and that is enough to make her one lady deserving of all the love in the world.

San of Princess Mononoke

San of Princess Mononoke
San grew up in the mountains with wolves as her family and never stops making the people of Irontown realize the error of their ways.
Here’s a pro-environment who would do anything for her mission. Strong-hearted, San is not one to be taken lightly. Only those who are brave enough to face her wolf family can be close enough to become her friend. Once all that is passed, seeing the lady beyond the strong façade is a perfect reward. San is lady who’s only fighting for what is best for Mother Nature.

Gina of Porco Rosso

Gina of Porco Rosso
Gina owns a bar for pilots where she sings to entertain her customers. Her voice alone can make any pilot drool. Her face would bring them to heaven and back.
Gina is not easy to get seeing how many men are also vying for her and would shoot anyone just to get to her. So perhaps the best thing to do is to be a quiet admirer. Don’t be too bold with your actions. She could easily tell an honest intention from a false one.

Taeko of Only Yesterday

Taeko of Only Yesterday
Taeko went to the country to escape the hustle of city life and experience the better things that a simpler life has to offer.
There is no difficulty in impressing Taeko. She loves the field and the drama and realities of living a provincial life. But what’s so good about her is getting to know her with an entire movie of personal memories in her head. She is a sentimental fool, but then aren’t we all?

Kiki of Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki of Kikis Delivery Service
When Kiki came to the city, she learned that her skill is not that of magical stuff but people skill, with everybody loving her after she had saved a particular boy from falling to his death.
Wanna have a boost of confidence and positivity? Kiki would never be able to fly in her broom without those qualities. And who wouldn’t want to ride with her over the city? Don’t forget though that it’s Kiki who has to be treated here. Maybe helping her in her delivery work would make her very happy. And that pair of shoes she’s been eyeing on a window store? Think you could buy that for her? That would really put a smile on her face.

Shizuku of Whisper from the Heart

Shizuku of Whisper from the Heart
Shizuku once found a name on the books she borrowed from the library and since then have gotten curious on the identity of the man behind the name Seiji.
Shizuku loves to read so a little trip to a library would be very nice. But perhaps buying her the books she would love to read would be better. Shizuku also loves to listen to beautiful music being played in front of her. Try to write some song lyrics with her or help her with her novel-writing to make her feel she’s loved.

Nausicaa of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaa of Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind
Nausicaa is another princess in her place where the wind is fresh and everyone lives peacefully. She likes to collect plant samples and keeps a garden underground, proving that the world is not out to destroy humanity through the toxic releases from most plants.
Nausicaa is a very curiouse and adventurous lady and would love to travel to see more plants and animals. Her care for nature is incomparable and is even prohesied to be the one to meddle between man and nature. Ride with her on an air glider and scour the world for some great discoveries. And try to discover more about her on the way.


The Ghibli Ladies in question: What’s Up with the Hair?

In all of the years of watching Studio Ghibli films that mostly feature members of the female gender playing the major role, one must have noticed (or is it only me?) the recurring similarity among these femme fatales.

From Nausicaa to Therru, and even among the minor characters, almost all seem to sport the same (or at least leaning on the same) length of hair and pretty much the same style.

What’s up with Studio Ghibli and short hair?

Mei and Satsuki
Among those who sport the short hair are Nausicaa, San, Kiki, Shizuku, Haru and Gina; Sheeta and Sophie had long locks in the beginning of their films but somewhere near the end, had them cut; and Taeko, Fio and Chihiro may have long hair but kept them tied. Therru may have an unusual hair but it’s still considerably short. Even the little girls of My Neighbor Totoro, Satsuki and Mei and Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies sport short hair.

Could Studio Ghibli have any dislike for long hair?