Anime Idol: Week 6

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12 hopefuls. And now almost down to half.
It’s week six of Anime Idol!

After a considerable number of anime characters, we’ve come down to twelve hopefuls to vie for prestige of becoming the first Anime Idol.

Each week, they will be put through a test to determine which should be properly idolized by the growing otaku community. Those who are not able to get enough merit would not move on and would be eliminated.

Tenchi found it hard to be honest with himself and was the one to go. This week, who leaves the competition?

But first, let’s take a look at the hint of the character attitude we’re looking for:

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Have you guessed the attitude we’re looking for this Week 6?



In perseverance, true strength can be seen: of body and of mind working equally to achieve its goal. For if one were to fail, the other will not be strong enough to succeed.

If it takes a lot of energy to start, it will take a whole lot more in order to persevere. It completely becomes a test of endurance and will.

It is determination—only unyielding and must never stop paddling, running, making itself stronger the closer the finish line becomes.

So this week, who would not last enough to finish the race?

There are two Idol hopefuls who falls out of the race in terms of physical endurance: Usagi Tsukino and Sakura Kinomoto. Yet, only one will have to go. Therefore, it is only obvious that the one with the weaker state of body will have to leave.

Week 6 Out - Sakura
Blame it on her age. Sakura Kinomoto may have been tough enough to collect the Clow Cards and be its new master in the end, but this strength is not enough to last her in the competition.

Perhaps she just ran out of luck in that she is surrorunded by Idol hopefuls with far superior strength—or are just old enough to be stronger than her.

Despite that, we believe that Sakura will grow up to be even stronger than any of these Idol hopefuls with her steadfast determination to keep this world filled with all of the sweetest things.

For Week 6 of Anime Idol, we say goodbye to the youngest—yet a very determined soul named after a beautiful pink blossom. Sakura Kinomoto, like the sakura tree, will blossom into something better one day.


Anime Idol has reached half of the competition.

Anime Idol Round - Week 6
Hold on for Week 7 and on the following weeks as we find out who will be animeHOLIC’s first Anime Idol!

This is the clue for Week 7:

True obedience is true freedom.

~ Henry Ward Beecher