Questor Purrs and Meows!


Questor Vol 2 No 6 Cover

Questor Magazine begs for this article to be quick and straight to the point, lest the author want to face the sharp and fointed nails foking out of this issue’s feline fofulation’s ever ready feet. (eveready… hah! I got jokes!)

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Editorial Ek Ek and Contents

The sixth issue of Questor Magazine, the only anime magazine of the Philippines at the time, goes feline frenzy but we’re not complaining. Coz there are far more cats in anime compared to dogs. Hmmm, I wonder why…

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Feature Articles 1

Before the frenzy follows though, EIC Bambi Eloriaga provides a two-spread article on the different mythological inspirations behind our favorite anime. It is Robin Rivero who then starts the cat madness with a feature on the most popular cat in the world. No, it’s not Garfield (damn!). It’s Hello Kitty!

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Feature Articles 2

Cecil Estrada comes up with a list of Anime Animal Sidekicks. Very informative. EIC Bambi comes back with the special feature of the month—an introduction to an old anime that came airing on local television at the time: Cat’s Eye!

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Fight and Otaku in Focus

Following that was a feature on a local young actress who’s very much in love with Hello Kitty. Who would’ve thought that Shaina Magdayao was a mad fan of the white cat with no mouth? Not me. (okay, whoever took my HK undie will be eating cat food later). Jennyson Rosero writes a Fight! Article showing how just many lives cats (or characters acting like cats) do.

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Thought Balloons and Anime Creature

Continuing the cat craze is a review of a manga about dogs—no cats, of course: Hey Michael! by Makoto Kobayashi. Anime Creature shows some of the most popular cats in anime.

Of course the issue doesn’t come with just cat articles or else we would’ve seen this issue among the pet magazines instead of the kiddie/computer games magazines around bookstores.

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Audiofiles and On Deck

The just love Vision of Escaflowne too much to feature the three OSTs as well as an article about Tarot Cards. For Anime Continuum, titles such as Dual, Boys Be and Gatekeepers are introduced. Animelodies prints out the lyrics to Gatekeepers theme songs.

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Anime Continuum and Animelodies

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Film Loop Watashi tachi Anime 101 and anime

Backbyte features robotic pets while Film Loop talks about two anime: Gundam X and the newly released at the time CGI movie Final Fantasy: The Spirited Within. Watashi-tachi features artist Jennyson Rosero; @anime scours the net for anime characters—neko inspired; and Anime 101 answers some odd questions such as Tamahome’s favorite font. Go ahead and guess.

Questor Vol 2 No 6 Doujin Drawing Board

Lastly is the Doujin Drawing Board that always showcases Pinoy young talents. Lucky for a fan with only one letter for a name, J from Tondo won the Questor Pick of the month. Well, it’s not actually certain because the title is not present anywhere in the page. The fanart only has a red, glowing border around it.

So there. Tried to be quick and concise to please the cats. Of course I’m not into cats but since there are no dogs around I have to oblige.

Till next month!