Wanted: Vash the Stampede


Vash Stampede

Anime: Trigun

Aliases: The humanoid typhoon, The $$60,000,000,000 Man

Race: Humanoid plant

Gender: Male

Age: 131 years old (he says 27, and it’s 23 in the manga)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue-green

Height: About 5’11” (180 cm)

Weight: 185.9 lbs (84.5 kg)

Blood: Type O

Family: Knives Millions (twin brother)

Weapon: .45 caliber revolver and “Angel Arm”

Motto: “Love and Peace!”

Seiyuu: Masaya Onosaka (adult), Kouki Miyata (child)


Transcript of an interview with two unnamed insurance agency representatives:

Interviewer: Go ahead. Tell me more about this “Vash the Stampede”.

Vash being stupid
Agent 1: Simply put, the man’s a moron.

Agent 2: Oh that’s a bit harsh. I noticed how he’s fond of doughnuts…

Agent 1: Uggh. So disgusting!

Agent 2: He’s very good in handling his guns.

Agent 1: I don’t like how that sounded, Mill—ooops! Almost slipped out your name there, partner.

Agent 2: That’s okay Mer—

Agent 1: Quiet! We’re supposed to be anonymous. Eherm. Anyway, yes that man may be dim-witted, but he sure knows how to wield a gun. And he’s protective of civilians, which confuses me. He must guilty or somethin’.

Will Vash shoot?
Agent 2: And did you notice a black cat?

Agent 1: What black cat?

Agent 2: A black cat that seems to follow him wherever he went.

Agent 1: Seriously, what are you noticing? Another thing about that man is that he is quite the trobulemaker.

Agent 2: Yup. Quite.

Agent 1: The sad thing about it is that he doesn’t seem to recognize the damages he usually makes.

Agent 2: But at least it gives us more jobs. I heard he has a scarred body.

Agent 1: Well, we also heard he’s not human. I couldn’t imagine how he was able to destroy an entire city.

Agent 2: Perhaps with a giant gun?

Vash and his gigantic gun
Agent 1: Yeah, sure. He must be a humanoid with a giant gun. Seriously though, I can’t pin the July city catasptrophe on him. How else could he have done it?

Agent 2: I heard he has a sibling.

Agent 1: Really now. That makes two troublemakers then, huh?

Agent 2: Remember how he loves to utter “Love and Peace” with a “v” sign on his fingers?

Agent 1: Completely annoys me! After we capture him and get the reward, I sure am going to feel “love and peace”! That pervert!

Agent 2: Where are we heading tomorrow by the way? August City?
Yup. And this time, we are going to capture that thypoon!

Vash relieved