Anime Idol: Week 7

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12 hopefuls. Half remains.
This is week seven of Anime Idol!

After a considerable number of anime characters, we’ve come down to twelve hopefuls to vie for prestige of becoming the first Anime Idol.

Each week, they will be put through a test to determine which should be properly idolized by the growing otaku community. Those who are not able to get enough merit would not move on and would be eliminated.

Sakura was the unlucky hopeful to flutter out of the competition last week. Who will join her this week?

But first, it’s the hint of the character attitude we’re looking for:

True obedience is true freedom.

~ Henry Ward Beeche

Have you guessed the attitude we’re looking for on Week 7? C’mon, it was a given!



A parable in the bible gives color to this character often looked at with a rather blurred meaning.

People can comply and do things when asked, but with a heavy heart, obedience may not be what it is called. Without heart, it becomes nothing but obligation.

Obedience roots from a sense of respect. It is rooted in love or, simply, a sense of caring. True obedience is without question and with a lot of trust for the one asking for it.

Obedience can be quite a difficult idea to process. Sometimes, we are thrown in a situation where disobedience is the only answer to solve a dilemma. We act by our own judgement after all.

For week 7 of animeHOLIC, who turned out to be a bit disobedient and will have to leave?

Week 7 Out - Ichigo
Perhaps Ichigo needs to be more patient and less stubborn in his actions. If not for his decision to confront a being beyond his abilities, he would’ve been able to save Rukia the dilemma she had to deal with in the beginning of their entire story.

Sure, Ichigo was only trying to protect his loved ones but sometimes, it’s better to follow the words of those who know better like Rukia.

When Rukia was prompted to hurt herself to try to save Ichigo, it may have been her decision. Yet, all of it could have been avoided if only Ichigo tried to listen and obey.

Sure what Ichigo did started the entire story of Bleach, but we don’t suppose any of the other Idol hopefuls would’ve done the same.

Therefore, for Week 7 of Anime Idol, we say farewell to Ichigo Kurosaki. Will you take it against us if we say we’re just following orders?


We’re nearing the end with only 5 hopefuls left!

Anime Idol Round - Week 7
Gear up for Anime Idol next week!

Here is our clue for Week 8:

The key to change…is to let go of fear.

~ Rosanne Cash