Keeping things in check: The Bernardelli Agents


The insurance agency representatives (with their target and a friend)

Anime: Trigun

Name: Meryl Stryfe

Alias: Derringer Meryl

Age: 22 years

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gray

Status: Employee (Bernardelli Insurance Society)

Weapon: Deringger pistol (around 50 pieces)

Seiyuu: Hiromi Tsuru


Name: Milly Thompson

Alias: Stungun Milly

Age: 23 years

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Status: Employee (Bernardelli Insurance Society)

Weapon: “Stun gun” (multi-barrel riot gun)

Seiyuu: Satsuki Yukino


Transcript of an interview with a humanoid being who reluctantly refused to be called “humanoid thypoon”.

Interviewer: Please go ahead and say what you know about the two insurance agents.

Meryl and Milly big gun

They’re like polar opposites. One is around as tall as I am (she towers over everybody) while the other is so short I could fit her on the palm of my—no, I’m just kidding. D’ya have any doughnut??

These two are hot on my trail—I mean, on this man called Vash the Stampede. I hear the guy’s extremely good-looking and popular with the girls. But I digress.

Deringger Meryl
The short one—I think her name is Meryl—has this really cool set of derringer style pistols under her coat. The first time she showed them, I thought she would be wearing nothing under the coat. I think she’s rather cute.

I can’t put up with her hotheaded nature though. I think she needs to relax and not be too logical. I bet she had this impression that Vash would be this terrifying-looking man.

Interviewer: Is he not?

Humanoid: Do I look menacing to you?!—I mean, you haven’t seen Vash? (chuckles nervously)

Sweaty Millie
Anyway, the other girl—the taller one—her name is Milly. Now, for someone who look like a giant Amazon woman, Milly is actually the gentle and mild one (maybe also the loving one, because I hear she has lots of siblings).

She’s naïve, optimistic and I like that. But she has a huge gun that looks scary although I hear is nonlethal. D’ya have more doughnuts??

Interviewer: Do you think these two will ever catch Vash the Stampede?

Humanoid: Well, I don’t think they’re out to catch me…they just don’t want me to cause more damage. Wait, did I say “me”? I mean Vash the Stampede. (chuckles nervously)