The Many Fashions of the Dimension Witch


Yuuko all freshed up

Just because Yuuko Ichihara is stuck in an unmoving time doesn’t mean she couldn’t move forward when it comes to fashion. In fact, only the opposite can be said of this Witch of Time and Dimension’s fashion sense.

In a very rare opportunity, animeHOLIC was privileged enough to be let inside this mysterious lady’s equally mysterious shop. And we didn’t have to pay much—only to have to put up this article for every otaku’s consumption.

The gracious star of two anime/manga series was very happy to show us some of the clothes she has worn in her long-running projects.

For it is very interesting—and highly unusual for an anime character—to be seen wearing a completely different wardrobe in each chapter/episode. And for Yuuko Ichihara, it seems that to be seen wearing the same dress twice is an unforgivable crime.

Having a very busy schedule, Yuuko was only able to show us eight set of clothes. But we will be forever grateful for the experience. (plus, we heard that xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa Chronicles mangas are about to reach the final curtain).

animeHOLIC presents the fashion of the Witch of Dimensions.

Yuuko's clothes 01
Worn in Episode 01 of the anime and first seen in Chapter 01 of the manga, Yuuko’s red kimono decorated in yellow flower silhouettes may look ordinary but the touch of a big yellow bow that hugs the body like on giant gift makes it look more interesting.

Add to that, the sexy manner of opening the collar of the kimono, revealing the bust area of this very confident witch.

The piece is adorned by matching neck and wrist ornaments of metallic red and yellow material with the signature moon-shaped pendant for the neck ornament.

Yuuko's clothes 02
Yuuko shows a Chinese seductress in this tube cheongsam dress with a giant lily decorated on the bust area. Yuuko manages to make this already sexy dress even sexier by wearing leg-high boots.

She also adds a long sheet of fabric secured in her wrists and flows down to somehow take away the unwanted attention thrown on her long, white legs.

Yuuko's clothes 03

As with the sexy cheongsam dress, Yuuko wore this simple green fringe dress in Episode 02 and is seen on Chapter 02 of the manga. Yuuko loves to show some skin and the slit on this dress is nothing compared to the cheongsam.

It comes with a matching choker.

Yuuko's clothes 04
Perfect for a stroll in the park, this was first seen in Episode 03 and Chapter 15 of the manga. Simple enough, it’s a rich blue blouse with sleeves that looses halfway the arm and comes with matching rich blue boots.

Yuuko wears brown stockings to probably keep her leg from the sun because it might get too hot, ne?

The center of attention for this ensemble is the rose design on the blouse which springs to life on the choker.

Yuuko's clothes 05
Yuuko couldn’t be more mysterious-looking than with this indescribable wardrobe worn in Episode 04 and seen in Chapter 10 of the manga. It looks quite contemporary and the colors are very neutral and silent.

The sleeveless top can be zipped off to reveal a black tight-fit undershirt. The sleeves with serpent designs can also be taken off. The skirt looks very modern with its asymmetrical cut.

Yuuko's clothes 06
Yuuko wore this very elaborately adorned kimono in Episode 03 and on manga Chapter 16. This kimono couldn’t get enough of the embroidery with it covering just about every edge of the kimono. There’s even a choker to match with the same design.

But the best part of this kimono is what’s on the sash: several strings with hanging adornments appear in front of a moon design.

Yuuko's clothes 07
Out on the streets of, Yuuko wore this mini blouse with long ang loose sleeves in Episode 06 and Chapter 05 of the manga. It comes with a pair of brown pants that bear the same cloud design as the blouse.

Her choker is rather simple with just a strip of fabric the same color (and probably material) as the blouse. Oh and she wears a belt for added pzazz to the pants.

Yuuko's clothes 08
This last dress is the one that drove Yuuko to stardom. It is also her signature dress in her two series. This dress that no time in this world probably owned surely brings out the look of power and mystique from this Witch of Dimensions.

Adorned by the image of the crescent moon, and with the bottom of the skirt having what looks like an eye or the hand of a clock, and in black and white color, this dress is Yuuko’s favorite dress—and the only one that she probably wore twice!


You wouldn’t wanna mess with Yuuko’s fashion style. It looks like for this one-of-a-kind witch, crime (especially of fashion) pays a very hefty price.

Watanuki paid hard for lack of fashion sense