Canine Catastrophe


Kurama x Inuyasha x Riiya

inuyasha x riiya x kurama

One fine afternoon, while Kurama was busy helping Koenma with some documents in the MaKai, a goblin came storming into the holy office with a terrible news from the human world.

“Koenma-sama, there’s been a sighting of two unknown creatures in the Ningen Kai,” said the goblin.

Koenma, who was busy stamping some papers for newly-arrived souls tried to look up from behind the huge pile.

“What’s that?! Unknown creatures?! In the human world?! Are they dangerous?” asked Koenma. The goblin couldn’t answer the last question.

“Perhaps it’s best that I come down and investigate,” suggested Kurama.

Koenma, who was now standing on top of the pile of documents, looked at Kurama with confidence. But just then, Koenma slipped and made a loud thud when he fell on the floor.

“I’m going,” Kurama said and asked for the direction of the unusual occurrence.

Kurama reached the edge of a forest, listed in the MaKai records as a magical forest. Kurama wondered why it was called as such.

Swiftly, he moved around the forest, leaping on top of trees. He missed doing all those investigative works. He missed his former company of spirit detectives.

Seeing that the forest is rather undisturbed, Kurama decided to rest on top of a tree. After a couple of minutes of not hearing any commotion from the forest floor, Kurama decided to leave to search the nearby forests.

Kurama finds the forest disturbed by an explosion
And just then, he was alarmed by the sound of explosion not far behind him. He stopped and kept quiet as he looked down on the ground, looking for any mysterious creature rampaging.

He narrowed his eyes and then he saw them. A creature that looks like a dog with white hair and robed in red was holding a sword that was ten times bigger than any ordinary sword.

“Give me the Shikon!” Kurama heard the bigger creature bellowed.

That dog-demon—or so Kurama thought it was a dog-demon because of the presence of two dog-ears on its head—was running after something that Kurama found hard to stare at for it was small and fast. The two creatures disappeard under the thick foliage ahead.

Kurama thought of how to subdue this commotion that was clearly disturbing the peacefulness of the forest. But how? He was certain it was a dog-demon and thought it might not be a good idea to show up in front of it. He also didn’t think his rose whip or any of his plant artillery would be able to counter that big sword.

Kurama was deep in thought when a rather husky voice whispered from behind him.

A dog-demon meets a fox-demon
“Well, well, well…what do we have here?” the voice said.

Kurama’s sensitive sense of smell told him it was the dog-demon from below.

“What are you doing here, fox-demon?” the voice hissed.

“I-I was just exploring the forest. Fox demon?! Who’s a fox demon?!” asked Kurama. He tried to look behind and saw the white hair and white fang of the dog-demon.

“Hi there,” Kurama greeted. “My name is Kurama. And you are—”

“Inuyasha,” the dog-demon answered, its fang showing as it smiled. “I’m a dog-demon. And you know what we dog-demons love to do best?” Inuyasha came closer to whisper to Kurama’s ear. “Chase fox-demons! Your disguise won’t work on me. I can smell you, fox-demon.”

As soon as Inuyasha moved his face away from Kurama, Kurama darted down to the forest floor and dashed away. But he knew Inuyasha would be just as fast as him, maybe even faster.

Kurama thought that working in the MaKai and not on the field had taken its toll on his agility.

And true enough, Inuyasha was quick to follow Kurama. The chase went around and around the forest and Kurama couldn’t believe he was now the target of the unusual creature he was supposed to investigate.

But then Kurama, as clever as foxes go, pulled out something from his pocket while he was sprinting away from Inuyasha. Kurama found a clearing and it was there that he knew his plan would work.

“You wouldn’t want a stinky fox-demon like me,” teased Kurama while he kept eluding Inuyasha’s claws. After running around the clearing, Kurama stood to face Inuyasha. “Come here, little doggie,” Kurama teased some more.

Irritated, Inuyasha cried “Tetsusaiga” and drew his giant sword. Kurama braced himself. He thought Inuyasha had dropped the sword somewhere because it wasn’t in Inuyasha’s hand a while ago but he was wrong.

“You’re dead!” Inuyasha cried.

Inuyasha was about to make a powerful slash when Kurama noticed something tiny running towards the dog-demon.

Inuyasha, sensing the creature behind him, turned around and bellowed “The Shikon! Give that back!” Inuyasha was about to attack when another small creature rushed and bit him on one hand. As Inuyasha cried in pain, the creature jumped to the ground to reveal itself as a puppy.

A wold-demon?!“Oh, what a cute puppy,” Kurama said but the puppy snarled.

“I am no puppy! I’m a wolf! And you are not touching our specimen,” it said.

Inuyasha bursted out laughing. “You?! A wolf?! If that’s what you say. But you know what, as much I like chasing foxes, on the other hand I have this intense hatred for wolves!”

Inuyasha ran towards the wolf cub but it was too fast (and too small) for him. Kurama made things more difficult for the dog-demon when he  suddenly summoned various plants out of the ground. Inuyasha was surrounded by flowers of different kind, sending him into an allergy attack.

Inuyasha sneezes over a bunch of flowers while Kurama strides off

Meanwhile, Kurama was quick to notice when the tiny mysterious creature was about to dash off. He pulled a rose from his hair and it quickly changed into a whip when he lashed it in front of the creature, almost hitting it if not for its agility. He noticed a unusually familiar shiny round object that hung around its neck.

Kurama stops the creature from escaping

“Don’t hurt it,” cried the wolf cub. The wolf tried to attack Kurama but Kurama surprised himself with his fast moves as he eluded it.

“I won’t hurt it. I was just investigating the forest,” Kurama said.

And just then, there was a popping sound that came from the wolf cub. Smoke covered it and quickly revealed a young boy with blue hair.

“Are you an investigating witch?” the boy asked smiling. He stretched out a hand to Kurama. “My name is Riiya.”

“Give me that Shikon!” bellowed Inuyasha again, getting Kurama and Riiya’s attention. He sprung to reach the stunned creature.

Inuyasha springs to get the Shikon
“Don’t hurt it,” said Riiya. “It’s almost time—”

Poof!  came another sound and this time it came from the tiny creature. Kurama asked Riiya what the creature really was.

“Well…” started Riiya. “Me and my friend Chacha aren’t sure. He looked human but he had this third eye on his forehead and was dressed in black. When we saw the black color, we thought he was a dark witch. Chacha wanted to turn it into a rat but she’s not good with magic yet…”

Kurama’s attention was now on the fog clearing up. He felt he knew what he was going to see when the fog disappeared. And true enough, a small man with spiky black hair and in black clothing appeared before him. The man turned to face them.

A man emerges from the smoke
“Yo!” Kurama greeted, his hand in the air when the man faced him. “Long time no see, Hiei.”

“Give me that Shikon, you minion of Naraku!” cried Inuyasha.

“What are you talking about?” said Hiei, looking menacingly at Inuyasha. The dog-demon pointed at the pearl-tear necklace.

“That Shikon belongs to my g-g-g-girl-f-frie-fr—”

“What did you say?!” hissed Hiei. “My sister is your girlfriend?!”

“Nan de?!” Inuyasha was shocked. But so was Kurama.

Before Inuyasha could even speak again, Hiei’s third eye had opened and a great black dragon forced its way out. The dragon dragged Inuyasha into the sky and the dog-demon fell unto a small wooden house with a familiar well inside.

Then Hiei turned to Riiya who had been naughty enough to conjure a spell with his friend dressed in a red cape. The dragon was quick to pass by the terrified boy and burned him to a crisp.

As for Kurama, being long-time friends with Hiei, he thought he would be spared. But Hiei walked to him and no matter how short Hiei was was still able to give Kurama a bump in the head.

The consequence of curiosity for the three
Kurama smiled wearily as Hiei walked away. “Well, at least I saw him again.”