Paranoid over a li’l slugger?!


Tsukiko and Maromi

When Tsukiko Sagi, a woman with a very popular debut stuff doll, met a violent accident at the hands of a boy wearing inline skates, the rumor of a bat-wielding, online skating violent kid nicknamed “Shonen Bat” came to be known.

This led investigators to solving more crimes involving hitting of unsuspecting civilians as well as a roller-coaster-ride mission to discover the one culprit behind them all.

Following the psychological thrill that have come to be known of Satoshi Kon, Paranoia Agent takes its viewers to an investigation like no other. Each episode leaves out a victim but the question of who did it remains a mystery.

Who is Shonen Bat? And why do the violent hitting happen?

Now wouldn’t it be nice to be secured with enough information about this unlikely young criminal to protect oneself? Here are some pretty good reasons why local pinoy TV channels should consider putting Paranoia Agent on their anime playlist:

5: Surely you’d want to see more Maromi…

Maromi sitting on a laptop

This cuddly stuff toy creation is one of the cutest things in anime. Plus it talks (well, perhaps only to its creator). Don’t look at its eyes now, or you’ll be hypnotized by sheer cuteness.

4: Surely you’d want to know who Shonen Bat is…

The enigmatic Shonen Bat. Just who the heck is he? And why does he keep on hitting other people? It’s a big problem even for the investigators who ends up losing their job for not solving the big puzzle.

But hey, at least they got some good descriptions from victims. Shonen Bat wears a cap, and inline skates and holds a rather odd curved baseball bat. And he also seems to victimize those who are in deep emotional pressures. Still, it’s not enough information.

Shonen Bat
3: Surely you’d want to solve the “hit and run” mysteries…

No one wants to end up in the dead end of any investigation. No one wants to be left hanging screaming for answers. Shonen Bat is one of the mysterious criminals to come out of anime. We bet even Detective Conan would have a hard time finding out who this young troublemaker is. The biggest thing about these mysterious occurences however is the fact that they are linked in a deeper, more obscure manner.

2: Surely you’d want to see a Satoshi Kon creation…

Who wouldn’t? It is in fact (and ought to be) a pleasure that the great storymaker developed something that does not have to be seen on the big screen. The mere mention of this classic name in anime should spark some interest.

1: Surely you’d want to see another psychological anime…

It’s not likely for local TV stations to show psychological shows and that is understandable. I stand corrected but isn’t Neon Genesis Evangelion the only heavily psychological anime shown here (but unfortunately butchered)?

But Paranoia Agent is definitely something else and perhaps won’t need to be too heavily edited as EVA.

Investigator talks to police

Surely local channels wouldn’t want to be visited by Shonen Bat if only to insist them on running this one-of-a-kind anime, right??