This kettle is no portkey


Literature and media have shown us various ways of transporting from one place and time to another, and sometime in the ‘90s a very quirky way of time travelling device was introduced through the anime Time Travel Tondekeman or Time Quest.

The Cast of Time Quest

At a time when anime was scarce in this country and didn’t seem to own a clear distinction between American cartoons, local channel IBS 13 (in 1994) aired the story of two friends who accidentally traveled to god-knows-where-and-when and ended up getting stuck, knowing not how to get back.

It all started when Hayato and Yumi went to Dr. Leonard’s laboratory and accidentally activated Takore (which means “kettle” in Filipino) a talking kettle who led them to many adventures through the past.

In their travels they got separated from Takore and soon found out that the loud-mouthed kettle was in the hands of a crazy Arab man named Abdullah who wished the kidnap Princess Shalala of Baghdad to marry her to his master.

As for any adventures, they meet friends (and annoying people) along the way. Aladdin and Prince Dandarn would be those two. Oh, and there’s the genie, a Caucasian superhero-outfit-clad giant.

As Abdullah keep eluding Hayato and Yumi by using Takore to jump through time, they are all taken to some of the most important events in human history and somehow they’re lucky enough not to mess things up.

But as fate would have it at the time of its airing, Time Quest was one of the first victims of the pulled-out-shows-without-explanation epidemic. It was shown again a few years more but it seemed the popularity it had gained when it was first shown had waned when not a lot of people recall it being shown again.

Despite that, Time Quest remains to be one of the most laugh-worthy anime to have been shown in this country.