Death List


Death Note

With the discovery of the real Kira long over, the Kira Investigation Team – then-formed team of investigators under the leadership of world-renowned detective L and his successor Near, finally discloses the names of the most prominent people who had fallen victim to Kira and the Death Note, including some infamous ones.

Raye Penber

The FBI investigator came to Japan with fellow agents to track down Kira. He was believed to have been spying on Col. Yagami’s son Light. He was found dead in a subway train

Raye Penber and Naomi Misora

Naomi Misora

A former FBI agent, Naomi is Raye Pember’s fiancee who came with her husband to Japan. Shortly after her husband’s death, she was found to have commited suicide.


Quillsh Wammy aka Watari

Logistics provider to the Kira Investigation Team, this old man is almost always seen with L. He was found dead in a computer room.

L Lawliet and Quillsh Wammy
L Lawliet

The de-facto leader of the Kira Investigation Team, L was able to discover the true identity of Kira and was able to send valuable information for his successor. He died in the middle of work and beside the real Kira.


Kiyomi Takada

The announcer of NHN was chosen to be Kira’s spokesperson. She was believed to have been killed by Kira himself after being abducted by a Mafia member named Mello.

Kiyomi Takada Hiroshi Demegawa Aiber and Wedy
Hitoshi Demegawa

The director of Sakura TV is a big Kira supporter. He was killed in the middle of his TV show by Kira and was replaced by Kiyomi Takada.

Aiber and Wedy

A professional con man and burglar employed by L to help in the Kira investigation. They were found dead after L died.


Kyosuke Higuchi

The member of the Yotsuba Group is believed to have been the third “Kira” when the Death Note was first discovered in his car. Before investigators could even capture him, he died on the spot, killed by Kira himself.

Kyosuke Higushi and The Yotsuba Group
Yotsuba Group

The members of the Yotsuba Corporation meet weekly to discuss who to kill from competing companies but all were soon killed by Kira.

Rod Ross

The head of the Mafia was also killed swiftly by Kira who was believed to be targeting a successor to L named Mello.

Ordinary Citizens and Criminals

Kira has written a number of criminal names on the Death Note and is suspected of doing practice killings.

: Kurou Otoharada is the first name in the Death Note who held hostages in a nursery school.

: Takuo Shibuimaru is the second name in the Death Note who was seen chasing a woman with his bike. He did not have a criminal record.

: Tomohiro Nishimura was also seen in the Death note and was seen dying in a train station.

: Lind L. Tailor was a criminal used by L to pose as the famous detective. Kira quickly disposed of him, much to his mistake.

Lind L Tailor
: Kiichiro Osoreda tried to persuade FBI agent Penber to reveal his FBI badge to Light. In the Death Note, not only was his way of death written, he also had to do some “acting” for Kira.