Anime Idol: Week 10

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12 hopefuls. This week, the last two stands…
This is Anime Idol’s tenth week!

After a considerable number of anime characters, we’ve come down to twelve hopefuls to vie for the prestige of becoming the first Anime Idol.

Each week, they will be put through a test to determine which should be properly idolized by the growing otaku community. Those who are not able to get enough merit would not move on and would be eliminated.

Last week, we bade goodbye to Naruto but stayed positive that he would go a long way from there. This week, however, who will remain to be in the finale?

But first, here’s the hint for the last character attitude we’re looking for:

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

~ Leo F. Buscaglia

Have you guessed the last attitude we’re looking for?



It is undeniably the greatest thing in this world. Nobody would ever be able to survive without even a tinge of this mysterious power. It encompasses every character attitude in this contest.

Love manifests in every word and action. It can be silent yet very strong. It is the one thing that all inhabitants of this small planet want and need. Without it, life becomes meaningless.

So, who among the three remaining Idol hopefuls lack a small amount of love in any way?

Week 10 Out - Yusuke
Perhaps Yusuke Urameshi would learn to be a better person even during the beginning of his life once he’s reincarnated. Growing up as a troublemaker certainly made Yusuke the least loving among the hopefuls.

Yes, indeed he has learned his lesson and has even become one of the nicest guy in anime, yet his past records betray him as compared to the remaining two hopefuls.

So Yusuke would have to learn to control his temper more, be more responsible, be more polite, be more showing of his affection and nicer side.

A little lesson on kindness from his friends especially from and to Kuwabara would definitely serve him fine.

And so with regret, Anime Idol says goodbye to the world’s favorite detective (whether it be human or demon world). Yusuke only needs a little improvement for us to completely disregard his rather bloody past.

Anime Idol Round - Week 10
Anime Idol finally reaches is finale with two remaining hopefuls: Monkey D. Luffy and Son Goku. But only one will be the first Anime Idol! Who would it be???