What’s your blood type? Saya Otonashi


Saya Otonashi on pic

Anime: Blood+

Name: Saya Otonashi

Race: Chiroptera

Birthdate: August 4

Age: 173 years old (appears 16 years old)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown (normally), Red (when fighting)

Height: 5’2″ (157 cm)

Weight: 89 lbs (40.4 kg)

Status: Chiroptera assasin

Seiyuu: Eri Kitamura


Evil beware…

Armed with a sword uniquely powered by the wielder’s own blood, Saya scours the area looking for chiropterans, creatures born from the blood of a Queen.

Saya puts her blood on her sword
Saya herself is a Queen, but it is her twin sister Diva who plans to turn the world into a place filled with chiropterans.

Saya was born out of a dead chiropteran in a time too long to recall. She has since then been taken care of by the man who took her in. But she was not alone as she soon found out. In a tower in the same place was her twin sister Diva.

When she invited Diva to sing for her brother’s birthday, she never thought her own sister would be evil enough to kill the guests, turning them into creatures called chiropterans and Saya having to destroy them. Thus began her mission…

But as Queens went, Saya had to go in a hibernation cycle for a long time. Going forward to the 21st century, Saya lived as a high school girl with no recollection of her past.

Saya bloody face
She met Hagi and found out something odd about herself when her wounds healed instantly but neither Hagi nor David of the Red Shield gave her a hint of her past. All she knew was that she had a mission to fight and destroy the chiropterans.

In the end, she had to destroy the very being closest to her. As her blood is poison to Diva, she used it to finally end the evil Queen. Then she thought of destroying herself together together with her twin’s babies. But does she really want to disappear forever?

Diva versus Saya