Anime Idol: Finale!

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12 hopefuls.
And now, the conclusion begins with only last two hopefuls left…
This is Anime Idol finale!

After a considerable number of anime characters, we’ve come down to twelve hopefuls to vie for the prestige of becoming the first Anime Idol. Last week, it was Yusuke’s past that brought him out of the contest, leaving the remaining two toughest and most adored Anime Idol hopefuls: Monkey D. Luffy and Son Goku.

But who will be the last one standing?
Who will be animeHOLIC’s first Anime Idol?

Luffy vs Goku by aes_kawa from

In order to find out clearly who stands to win Anime Idol, we put Luffy and Son Goku through the same weekly character attitude test again, but this time of course they’d be trying to outdo each other. The one with the most merit clearly wins Anime Idol!


First test: Generosity

Hands down, Son Goku is the more generous of the two hopefuls as he’s more than ready to give his own life (and surely did!) to save everyone in this planet.

Son Goku scores / Luffy loses

Second test: Patience

Neither of these two may have shown patience in battle and especially when someone or some people are in trouble. But Son Goku sure has shown patience when had to endure the journey to get back to life as well as the training he had to put up with with Kaioh and his companions.

Son Goku scores / Luffy loses

Third test: Friendliness

Though these two have the warmest of hearts, it wasn’t always like that for Son Goku who was seen and taken care of by an old man when young. Son Goku, being non-human showed some resistance to his guardian at first and if not for the old man’s deep affection, Son Goku may have grown up to be just like the Saiyan alien race he came from.

Son Goku scores / Luffy loses

Fourth test: Hardwork

Luffy deserves to win this time seeing that when it comes to pulling muscles, Son Goku being an alien could obviously do more.

Luffy scores / Son Goku loses
Fifth test: Honesty

This comes down to a simple question of who is loud enough to say whatever he wants. Luffy hands down, deserves to win this test.

Luffy scores / Son Goku loses

Sixth test: Perseverance

Goku surely deserves to win this after showing perseverance that could never be matched. Dying multiple times and coming back to life and his seemingly never-ending battles are more than enough.

Son Goku scores / Luffy loses

Seventh test: Obedience

Who is most likely to obey? Hmmmm… Son Goku, although likely to sneak out of the house and out of Chichi’s sight to practice or save the world would show that he has a sense of obedience towards his wife. The same cannot be said of Luffy though…

Son Goku scores / Luffy loses

Eighth test: Courage and Determination

Neither of these two would ever back out of a fight, but Luffy could always prove himself to be the braver one knowing he’s got no alien super power. Plus, he’s spent most of his time on the one environment that could always pull him unto his death.

Luffy scores / Son Goku loses

Ninth test: Weakness

So who’s the weaker of the two? It may be that having no super power Luffy is the weaker one. However, we give the negative score to Son Goku for having the heart and mind to think rationally and give in to weakness at times. This also could mean that Luffy is stupid enough to plunge into every dangerous situation.

Luffy scores / Son Goku loses

Tenth test: Love

None of these two would probably be the ones to compete with each other in the end if not for having known what love meant. However, Son Goku seems to have a better grasp of this mysterious emotion after having the worst struggles any human could face. Then again, he’s no human at all–which only makes it clearer for Son Goku is one violent alien that has learned to love this home planet.

Son Goku scores / Luffy loses


And so after 11 weeks and 12 Idol hopefuls, we come down to only one, the very first Anime Idol.

Anime Idol Round - Week 11

But before that, we say goodbye and thank you to Monkey D. Luffy for giving one hard fight…

Week 11 Out Luffy

And with that over, we welcome the very first animeHOLIC Anime Idol:
Son Goku of Dragonball Saga!

Anime Idol Son Goku
Congratulations and arigatou gozaimasu to Akira Toriyama for having created a wonderful character worthy of becoming a role model for otakus everywhere!!!

End of Anime Idol