Questor Heats Up for Anime Bad Guys


Questor Vol 2 No 7 Cover

It’s easy to tell by the cover that Questor Magazine’s July Issue will have a focus on anime villains/anti-heroes. I remember noticing this issue the moment I stepped on the bookstore. C’mon, who wouldn’t with the striking orange background color and the Toguro brother image?

Questor Magazine came with a surprising price box that wrote the magazine’s price in different monetary units. EIC Bambi said in the Editorial that it was one of the changes in the magazine. Hmmm…Questor availability in different countries? That sure is a big development.

Let’s get it on with this issue…

Questor Vol 2 No 7 Contents Editorial and Article

Interesting to know that the Q-Staff knows their anime so much, they notice how the character laughters as EIC Bambi ang Cecil Estrada wrote an article about them.

CLAMP was given its much-deserved recognition with an article again by EIC Bambi, with information on the awesome-foursome.

Questor Vol 2 No 7 Feature Article 1

Then Cecil Estrada came up with the feature article for the month – a closer look at anime villains and how they may not be what anime audiences might think. Very interesting read…

Questor Vol 2 No 7 Feature Article 2

Thought Balloons focused on the long-awaited manga of Neon Genesis Evangelion and while on the topic of that particular anime, its character Asuka Langley Souryu was featured as Anime Dudette. Then in Animelodies, Evangelion themes and some others were featured as cellphone ringtones.

Questor Vol 2 No 7 Thought Balloons Animelodies and Anime Dudette

Fight(!) put three brawns in the ring – Machamp, Zangief and The Rock. Who won? Can’t tell yah ^ ^. Otakus in Focus featured cosplayer and cross stitch enthusiast Pam Ang.

Questor Vol 2 No 7 Fight and Otaku in Focus

Film Loop featured Gekigan 3, while anime 101 answered questions such as “who will be ChaCha’s fiancee?” or “where to find the Book of Four Gods?”; Audiofiles showcased two CDs: Gorillaz’ and Weib Kreuz (Knight Hunters).

It was a very special On Deck with the Q-Staffers Mark Navarro and Aldin Viray challenging each other on the First Annual Questor TCG Tournament, and Accessing Memory Card looked back on Final Fantasy VIII.

Watashi-tachi featured Sindey Ang aka Gokiburi-sama!

And lastly, in the Doujin Drawing Board, Brian Batchiller took the Questor Pick of the month! But it was a completely original artwork that took Questor’s attention that they decided to put it in print.

Questor Vol 2 No 7 Doujin Drawing Board

It may be the start of the rainy season, but Questor Magazine was sure heating up anime fanaticism in the Philippines!