Young and Deadly: Killua Zaoldyeck


Killua round eyes

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Name: Killua Zaoldyeck

Birthdate: June 15

Age: 12 years old

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Royal Blue

Height: 5’2″ (158 cm)

Weight: 99 lbs (49 kg)

Blood: Type A

Status: Assassin

Weapon: claws, yo-yo, various assassination arts

Nen Ability: Transmuter (Lightning Palm, Thunderbolt, Godspeed)

Seiyuu: Mitsuhashi Kanako


How does it feel like to be part of a family of assassins?

Killua would probably have a different answer compared to common assassins. At a young age, this lad had been put into the most gruesome form of tortures which eventually led him to great tolerance against poison, electric shock and pretty much every form of pain imaginable.

Imagine opening a giant gate just to get into your own house. Killua does the same thing everytime he comes home to the Zaoldyeck residence. He was also left to reach the topmost floor of the Heaven’s Arena where great fighters meet.

Killua intimidating

But this young man maintains a very cheerful look in him; a mischievious personality which could either spell fun or disaster to anyone he comes into contact with for this young assassin shows no mercy.

Until he met Gon though. Until he decided to join the Hunter exam and learned so much from the naive boy the same age as he. Since then they’ve shared the most exciting adventures.

Killua funny face
Killua though, despite the recognition for being a perfect assassin, has one flaw. He fears those who are stronger than he is. And that is his big brother Illumi. Illumi helped in Killua’s disqualification in the Hunter exam. His brother’s “teachings” also made him leave Gon at one point but decided to rejoin his friend when Gon needed him most. Only did Killua realize that something in his brain was actually causing him to withdraw in a fight with stronger opponents and he was able to come to terms with his fear.