Out of their way: Anime’s Intimidating Bunch


We all know Lelouch is intimidating!

The mere mention of their name may strike an air of animosity towards those who may not know them very well. These are but a few of those anime characters whose looks alone screams “don’t bother me” coupled with a personality that would make people steer clear of their way.

Anime provides fans with a number of stereotype characters in every series and animeHOLIC shall try to serve the first set of those characters: those that we love to hate – or simply don’t rub on us too quickly because we, the audience, feel something indifferent about them.

Here is animeHOLIC first dish out of Anime Stereotype Character:

The Intimidating Ones

Intimidating: Asuka Langley Souryu

:Asuka Langley Souryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

She may look cute but this lass from Germany sure made her appearance nothing short of irritating. Overflowing with confidence, Asuka sees herself as the best in everything. Loud and opinionated, obnoxious, a brat, and egocentric, Asuka perfectly starts this list.

Intimidating: Neji Hyuga

:Neji Hyuga (Naruto)

Is it his eyes? Probably not because if that’s the case then Hinata would be intimidating too. Yet, perhaps it is his eyes that make Neji a ninja one wouldn’t probably want to cross paths with even down the street. He is strong but it may not even come close to the level of his arrogance. A little something about his history proves though that he is just misunderstood.

Intimidating: Haruhi Suzumiya

:Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya)

Now, Haruhi would probably not mind having the word “misunderstood” taped on her back. She probably wouldn’t care at all. This girl has set her eyes on anything but human. She’s disgusted with humans.

Intimidating: Tieria Erde

:Tieria Erde (Gundam 00)

The looks alone would easily tell that he can be quite intimidating. His high regard for his mission makes him come off as emotionless and cold and therefore misunderstood. But he’s just a quiet soldier who also comes off as the enigmatic one in the team.

Intimidating: Kyoya Ootori

:Kyouya Ootori (Ouran High School Host Club)

He’s quiet. And on rare occasions that he does speak, he makes a lot of sense and there’s no way one would dare not listen. He’s rich. And so when he snaps out his folder and tells one of his debt for breaking a fine décor and decides how the payment should be done, it’s easy to tell that he’s not kidding. At all.

Intimidating: Eiri Yuki

:Yuki Eiri (Gravitation)

There’s something about quiet guys who can easily kick loser butts for being so successful in life. Yuki, a master love story writer won’t care the least if he sees something ugly – like a song lyric from an amateur. And he’s not dumb enough to let ugliness pass. He would easily make the most honest (and brutal remark).

Intimidating: Meiling

:Meiling (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Meiling went to Japan to help her fiancee in collecting the Clow Cards and she’s not letting some dumb but sweet little girl get in her way. She would talk and fight her way out to make her fiancee’s mission easier. At least until she realizes she had lost the fight that she thought she never had to battle through.

Intimidating: Hiei

:Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Isn’t it easy to tell that Hiei wouldn’t want anyone crossing his way? He may be small, but his arrogance is just about as gigantic as his Black Dragon. Better not say anything more about this three-eyed demon from MaKai…

Intimidating: Vegeta

:Vegeta (Dragonball Saga)

What is it with short men and spiked hair? Vegeta is an alien who came to Earth to destroy it. But as fate would have it, he sided with the good guys eventually. That doesn’t necessarily mean though that he’s changed his obnoxious ways. Still loud and outspoken as ever.

Intimidating: Killua Zaoldyeck

:Killua Zaoldyeck (Hunter X Hunter)

Killua is one of those characters that is not easy to like at first because, like Hiei, holds a certain glare in his eyes. He gives out a dangerous feeling towards others. And sure enough there is something to be scared about this young lad. Add to that, he’s actually filthy rich.