Anime to satisfy some scare cravings


higurashi no naku koro ni kai

It is that time of the year again when we find ourselves wanting to scare the heck out of ourselves over some scary (or simply bloody) movies. Bring in some popcorn and get ready to scream.

Hollywood scare

Although, theses days it seems to hard to scare people. We’ve been so used to the idea of having people die one by one in a party or camping; or see decapitated body parts all over. Not even the the most bloodthirsty killer can make us jump off of the seats nowadays.

Yet there have been some exceptions of course. There came a time not too long ago when Asian horror came to scare the heck out of us. And it did. Who knew it could still happen? Thanks to Japanese horror, we were able to see a different take on scary movies.

Sadako eyes
Yet anime, a product of Japan (like we don’t know that now) also have had its share of scary movies even before Sadako came to haunt us. The likes of Vampire Princess Miyu, Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D are among titles that have become anime classics fit for the Halloween.

But since a lot of sites have been dedicated to a whole lot of these “newer” titles, we thought of bringing something different – something to add to the collection of anime horror titles.

The following titles (or most of them) came at a time when anime haven’t yet reached its peak in popularity – at least not from outside Japan. These are some of the older horror titles that came before everything else. Some of them may pale in comparison to the new titles we have now but hey, isn’t it always a good thing to look back?

Dark Myth (Ankoku Shinwa)

Dark Myth

In ancient times, Susano-oh conquered Orochi with the Kusanagi sword and was named the God of Darkness. In the present, signs of Susano-oh’s manifestation on Earth are beginning to take place, including the shattering of a stone Flayed Colt. Caught in the middle is Takeshi, a young man who is forced to receive stigmata-like marks on his body from the ancient gods; an impending sign that he will soon be reincarnated as Brahman’s alter ego, Atman. Meanwhile, the Kikuchi clan is after Takeshi and has a strange interest in the events taking place. The fate of all mankind is at stake; will demons or humans be the victor?


Curse of Kazuo (Umezu Kazuo no Noroi)

Kazuo Umezu

Beware the world of the supernatural, for their tricks and secrets will terrify and potentially even kill you. Two groups of girls experience the horror of the unknown in two very different ways: Masami has begun to have terrible nightmares after the arrival of a new transfer student, and a separate group decides to enter a haunted mansion alone at night. Their lives will be inexplicably changed forever once they discover the truth behind these strange events…


Judge (Yami no Shihosha Judge)


Thinking of committing fraud? Embezzlement? Murder? Think again. Though crimes often slip through the cracks of the laws of man, the laws of the spirit world are not as forgiving. In the underworld, even the dead can request vengeance against those who have wronged them, at the hands of the Judge, the keeper of justice. Hot on the trails of a corrupt executive, the Judge realizes that the chain-of-command might be guilty as well, causing an investigation of deadly proportions…




One fateful evening, three capsules containing vampiric beings plummeted to Earth from outer space. Jay and Osamu are two salesmen who, by chance, run across one of these beings known as Kimera. Part man and part woman, Kimera is being transported as a specimen in the name of science – but when Osamu and Kimura lock eyes, it’s love at first sight, and Osamu vows to help set her free. Unfortunately for Osamu there are others who have their own plans for Kimera, including the two inhabitants of the other capsules…


Monster of Frankenstein (Kyoufu Densetsu – Kaiki! Frankenstein)


One dark and stormy night, Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his assistant completed their finest achievement: a monster constructed of spare body parts and given life. However, when the creature breaks free Dr. Frankenstein flees, leaving his assistant to be marred by their creation. Now at home with his family, Dr. Frankenstein tries in vain to forget his failed experiment but is haunted by visions and memories. And when freak accidents and deaths begin to occur, he realizes that the Monster of Frankenstein may very well still be alive…

Lily C.A.T.

Lily CAT
In the distant future, employees of the Syncam Corporation board a spaceship bound for a newly-discovered planet; while the voyage will take twenty years, deep sleep capsules ensure that the occupants age only a single year. Now, that time has passed and the crew awakens, only to discover a frightening partial transmission from headquarters: two of them are not employees – they are criminals. One by one, members of the group soon begin to die for unknown reasons; and what’s worse, the bodies begin to disappear. Now, these men and women must race against the clock to discover the fakes in their midst, find out the reason behind the deaths, and most importantly, stay alive at all costs!


Mermaid Forest (Ningyo no Mori)

Mermaid Forest
It is believed that to consume the flesh of a mermaid, means that you will never show signs of age, and live forever. However, many cannot handle its taste and become demons for eternity. Towa is a woman whose thirst for this flesh consumes her, as she was made only partially immortal by drinking the blood of a mermaid years ago. Unable to cast her demons aside, she destroys everything in her path on a search for this legend.


Pet Shop of Horrors

Petshop of horrors
At Count D’s pet shop, you can acquire any form of animal, from an ordinary canary, to more.. “exotic” creatures. Made to sign a contract before purchase, Count D claims no “responsibility for actions incurred” if the purchaser does not follow its instructions completely, as results can be fatal. Patrons of this shop are able to get the rarest of creatures, but often, their purchases are coupled with demons from their past that won’t go away easily.


Roots Search

Roots Search
Deep in the recesses of space, onboard a space station, a young woman named Moira is having terrifying dreams of her crewmates’ bloody future. As if to prove the premonition, a lone spacecraft later descends upon the station casting a SOS distress call, though only one member of its crew was left alive. The visions begin to come true when Moira and her friends uncover a mysterious alien who can somehow manifest itself into their fears and regrets. With the crew being picked off on by one, and tensions rising, can any of them last long enough to escape?


Violence Jack 2: Evil Town

Violence Jack Evil Town
Six months ago, a massive earthquake sunk a massive Japanese city into the ground, burying it from the outside world. The survivors split themselves into three groups: A, with normal salarymen; B, with criminals and lunatics led by the towering Mad Saurus; and C, an all-female group. However, once food supplies began to dwindle the once-kind men of the A group brutally gang-raped the women of the C group, causing the ladies to seal themselves up deep within the ruins. Now, the A group is working towards digging their way to the surface when they unearth Violence Jack, a massive giant. Though the A group wants Jack to help defend them against the B group, he ultimately chooses to protect the C group against all of the others. A bloody civil war approaches – will anyone escape alive?


Mermaid’s Scar (Ningyo no Kizu)

Mermaid Scar
Following in the footsteps of Mermaid Forest (another OVA by Rumiko Takahashi), Yuta and Mana are back, and have travelled to a new city for work and rest. By chance, they meet Masato: a young boy whose mother is known to have come back from the dead. The pair discover that Masato’s household contains dark secrets, which may end up costing them their lives!

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