If Yu Yu Hakusho goes local…hmmm…

new local casting

Anime Insider used to do this thing about making Hollywood stars act in a probable anime live-action remake. So why can’t animeHOLIC? But this time though, we’re going local.

Local Casting, the newest addition to animeHOLIC’s article line-up is gearing up for its first installment of local Pinoy celebs to star in a probable local anime live-action remake. And what better way to start than with the anime that revolutionized animedom in the country?

Yu Yu Hakusho goes local?

This sure wasn’t easy. But we managed to find some local Pinoy celebs to act out as live counterparts of the cast of Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghostfighter)…

Dennis Trillo as Yusuke Urameshi (Eugene)

Dennis Trillo as Yusuke Urameshi
This man could probably take on any role and he sure has the looks of a young spirit detective.

Teddy Corpuz as Kuwabara Kazuma (Alfred)

Teddy Corpuz as Kuwabara Kazuma
There just isn’t anyone in the biz who could act out the character than the waacky vocalist of Rocksteddy.

Vivo Ouano as Kurama (Dennis)

Vivo Ouano as Kurama
He sure has that gentle look on him as has the fox-demon in human form.

Jiro Manio as Hiei (Vincent)

Jiro Manio as Hiei
Something in this young man’s small eyes says he could easily play the part of the demon with a third eye.

Paolo Avelino as Koenma – adult form (Jericho)

Paolo Avelino as Koenma
A little androgynous. Now all we need is a pacifier on the mouth. There hasn’t been any thought yet though as to who should play the baby Koenma form.


Got some suggestions as to who should act out in an anime remake? Would love to hear from you. Email me at jarzoclay22@yahoo.com.