Who doesn’t remember the Spirit World Detectives?

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Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detectives

It all started out when Yusuke Urameshi, a rather raunchy teenager, tried to save a child from a road accident. Who would’ve known that his death would trigger a new life for him as a spirit detective for the ReiKai? Since then, Yusuke gained friends and enemies on an adventure that led him to a discovery of something far more about himself.

Yu Yu Hakusho was then known locally as Ghostfighter and featured four guys who kept the human world as well as the demon world in check. Aired initially on IBC 13, the show had quickly gathered a fanbase for no other shonen anime aired to compete with it.

Yusuke Urameshi

Kuwabara Kazuma

Yusuke and the rest of the Urameshi Team were driven to fight in various matches and came out victorious. Yusuke, with his Rei gan, blasted his way to win against his enemies; Kuwabara Kazuma was able to summon a sword through his own energy; Kurama, a once-demon-fox in the MaKai used an assortment of plants, one of the most famous though is the rose whip; and Hiei, an outcast demon from MaKai used his agility and sword skills – or at least until he really needed to use his secret weapon.


Joining them in their adventures are friends from the Spirit World, the Human World and the Demon World. Battling battle tournaments after another, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei formed one of the most popular team-ups in anime.

And just like most of the anime shown in IBC at the time, Yu Yu Hakusho was bound to end its air in a very unpleasant manner. Imagine the show discontinuing with only a few episodes remaining. The show went on a loop – going back and forth over a few episodes until finally getting pulled out.

However, the disappoinment was not to last long when GMA 7 took the show and aired it everyday in its entirety. Yu Yu Hakusho became the station’s flag bearer as the Anime Revolution in the Philippines began.

Spirit Detectives ride away


Dubbers’ booboos for Yu Yu Hakusho

There was in one episode of Yu Yu Hakusho where an error in voice dubbing caused a major change in the character of Kurama. It was during the Four Demon God chapter that Kurama had a major change in voice and character that have probably confused fans who of course at the time didn’t know better.

Kurama a woman!? hmmm...
Kurama was made to be a woman in the human world and a man in the demon world.

During the latter episodes however, this was proven as a major error because Kurama had become a man even in the human world. The same thing happened with Genkai’s character that was at first, thought to be a man.

Genkai a woman!? Really???
How did this happen?

Actually, the same case has happened with a sentai series that aired early in the 90’s – Maskman, where a character was dubbed a woman when it was supposed to be a man. Probably because of the Japanese voice acting (especially in the case of Kurama’s effeminate voice) that the dubbers became a little confused. This time around though, with the internet and further knowledge on anime, these booboos might never happen again. Might.

The Cast of Yu Yu Hakusho