Go Crazy for Baccano!

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Baccano cast

Aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, a great story of several unrelated events happened; a nearly unheared fuss turned into a commotion of immense proportion; a smooth ride led to a trainwreck; and a on-of-a-kind anime was born.

Baccano is an anime like no other. Created by Ryohgo Narita, the story is a collection of events in 1931 that happened to the passengers of the train named Flying Pussyfoot. The story won an award in the Dengeki Novel Prize.

Literally translated, “baccano” is Italian for “ruckus” but Narita came to translate it to “stupid commotion”. And indeed there is no other way to describe Baccano.

Baccano group
As short as this anime may come, it will still definitely leave a mark among otakus – and for a number of good reasons. Such is the reason for this article – for an anime as good as Baccano should not be left out during cool (or coolest) anime discussions.

Thus are five good reasons why Baccano is crazy enough for Pinoy TV:

5. It’s a circus.

Baccano is 13-episodes of complete craziness. Other than Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, it’s probably the only anime shown completely in random. However, Baccano is a crazier by a mile. Each show is packed with scenes shown in complete random and these “jumps” could go back as far as centuries. Therefore, the only way to fully appreciate the story is see it in its entirety.

4. It has fantastic music.

Baccano’s opening theme is enough to make one want to see this series. In fact, a number of anime had been shown to parody Baccano’s opening video. And then there’s the ending theme which give a glimpse of any drama in the entire show. These two perfectly opens the closes each episode.

3. It’s worthwhile for the eyes.

Jacuzzi and Nice
The animations for Baccano is topnotch compared to other anime. The fight scenes are good. And one thing worth noticing is how POV is carefully considered. This is most evident in the train scenes involving Jacuzzi’s gang, with scenes drawn on different angles to show different POV.

2. It’s more than just a Mob anime…

Firo and Maiza
Indeed. Baccano is not just a story of people getting into the Flying Pussyfoot and getting into different sort of troubles. There is a bigger background story which goes back for centuries – and it has nothing to do with mobs. None at all.

1. It has too many characters – to love.

Baccano may be the only anime to have so many characters but not one as the lead. Every character in Baccano is as important as the other. And all of them work to make a bigger, more interesting story.

Miria and Isaac

Baccano may have some bloody and violent scenes but it’s definitely an anime worth watching. Pinoy otakus would definitely enjoy this outrageous anime.