Questor Hits 1 Year!!!

Questor Magazine’s August 2001 issue was not only special because it is the August issue (coz it’s my birthmonth and I’m the writer of this blog ^ ^), it also celebrated the magazine’s first year anniversary as the Philippine’s premier anime supplement.

The issue started with an editorial from EIC Bambi that has a rather funny beginning, announcing some changes on the magazine and the debut of an original manga.

Further inside the pages, Cecil Estrada wrote an article about swords and sorcery in anime. AXN’s Anime Fest 2001 was the highlight of the issue, showcasing pinoy cosplay.

EIC Bambi wrote an article about the event as well as a special interview with anime legend Mahiro Maeda. Wow! Then, somewhere in the issue, EIC Bambi wrote another article about cosplays. This time, about a pinoy cosplayer JM Chua who won a cosplay event held overseas.

Anime Continuum featured teasers of animes such as Clamp School Detectives, Ayashi no Ceres, Cooking Master Boy and Kodomo no Omocha. Lina Inverse was featured as Anime Dudette of the month.

And the slayers fever doesn’t end there. The soundtrack to the Slayers Motion Picture was reviewed and websites on sword and sorcery anime were featured (and which of course included Lina and the gang).

Accessing Memory Card talked about a popular sword and sorcery anime turned into game: Record of Lodoss War. On Deck on the other hand, had its farewell article about Magi-Nation CCG after a survey of popular Questor Magazine regular articles were done (and in which of couse On Deck didn’t get as much vote).

Finally, the issue unveiled the start of the magazine’s newest endeavour – an original manga written by Managing Editor Igor Cabbab and drawn by Jennyon Rosero and Aldin Viray. Gokitomo (My Friend the Cockroach) sure made otakus swoon (and be icked out by cockroaches who happened to be stars of the manga).

Anime 101 answered a question about the difference between anime and manga with Yu Yu Hakusho as an example. Who then knew that mangas were more gruesome and violent?

And lastly, the month’s Doujin Drawing Board recognized the talent of Vinson Ngo; while Watashi-Tachi had a very special take by combining it with the Fight! Article and putting inside the arena, who else but the Questor bullpen!

So Questor, the first anime magazine in the Philippines turned 1! But there sure were lots more in store for otakus from this one-of-a-kind pinoy magazine.