Proud Pinoys, Net and Anime

Sure the net is vast and seems infinite. Couple that with the known truth that we Pinoys aren’t exactly behind the times when it comes to trends which includes modern technology. Add to that, the natural pinoy liking to anime.

So then why are pinoy-run anime sites such a rarity?

Quite understandably, running an anime site is not an easy task. There’s the writing and the posting with the constant updating. And, well, admittedly, we pinoys may not have that much resource to splurge in maintaining an anime site.

But come on, pinoy otakus out there! Where’s your burning passion and desire to uplift the anime industry in the country?

There had been some pinoy anime sites in the past but unfortunately they’d stopped updating and got stuck in the past. One of them is Pinoy Anime (

However, that didn’t stop animeHOLIC from scouring the internet for some pinoy-run anime sites worthy of a click on the mouse and even a second or a third look. We found quite a few, but only a handful became clear standouts.

Here are some proudly-pinoy run anime sites for the anime-loving local:

Google “anime pinoy” and this site would be on top of the list. And it certainly isn’t surprising. PhilAnime is probably the best site for Pinoy otakus to know what’s going on in the city—animewise.

According to the site owner, Jay Sanvictores, the site started as a way for him to learn PHP and MySQL. That was around 9 years ago. is “dedicated to all things Anime-related”. Anime news, manga, figures and events are covered and regularly updated, as well as other hobbies of the site owner.

How good is this site, you ask? Well, just take a look at the updated Phil TV Anime schedules somewhere on the site and ask no more.

Anime Kabayan

Do not be fooled by your first look at this wordpress blog for though it may look plain and perhaps even boring on the surface, dig deeper and you’ll find out what makes this site run by a Laguna local something more.

Want to be updated on what local channels have in store? Or perhaps inside information on what will be aired next? Anime Kabayan seems to be able to get the news before it hits most pinoy otakus.

Anime Kabayan is the best site for updates local TV channels’ anime programming.

According to the site owner, his writings had been published in the entertainment section of one of the leading local tabloids in the country and that he also had an exclusive story then about the confirmation of the launch of anime channel Hero TV. Hmmm…sounds like the anime insider we pinoy otakus need!

Scrumptious Anime Blog

“Is this site really pinoy-run?” is the question that pops up at every visit to this blog. On its banner is a lovely picture of Code Geass’ leading men that announces a very delicious welcome to visitors.

According to the site, “We (also) serve random anime-related news, articles, reviews, scans, humorous and off-beat photographs.” So if you’re done reading reviews on your newfound anime favorites, this site offers much more.

Scrumptious Anime Blog has what they call “Chibi stories” and according to the site “mixes random ingredients from different anime to come up with a unique blend of craziness and off-beat humor.”

The site owners regard themselves as chefs and have created a “Scrumptious Meter” that they use to grade each anime which they serve otakus.

Oh, nothing very notable and special about this site, really. It just happens to be the Official Philippine Affiliate to Anime Festival Asia ’09! It also just happens to be a winner of the Philippine Blog Awards 2009 for the Culture and Arts Category and has also been shortlisted in the Reader’s Choice Award where it got fourth place! is, according to the site owner “an interactive news and general information site dedicated to all things J-pop for Philippine fans.” The site is owned by a woman named Rochelle who says the site sprouted out of loneliness and isolation as a college student in Tokyo.

This site is so unique in that the site owner definitely makes Filipinos as proud as we are for the site itself. See, Rochelle also works for MTV Asia Gadgets and Games Blog and is the only Filipino in the group of four bloggers.

Shouldn’t all of these recognitions be enough to make you want to check the site? Waitasec! You haven’t checked it yet?!


Finally, a pinoy site to watch anime!

At first glance, no one would probably suspect that AniLinkz is managed by a Pinoy, but Ace Maranga, its administrator, actually hails from Cebu. Friends help him run the site by uploading links to a variety of anime titles throughout the net.

The site is a welcome change from other pinoy sites. It’s probably the only successful anime streaming site run by pinoys. It has a chat area, forum, a list of non-anime shows to watch and request for, as well as an arcade! Talk about entertainment!

To some there may not be anything special about the site compared to other anime streaming sites out there, but for us pinoys AniLinkz is definitely a site to be proud of.


There as also some sites that may only be related to anime and manga but are just as interesting and makes the internet anime experience for pinoy otakus more special.


It’s short for Pinoy Anime and Hobby Kolektors United (what were you thinking?) and is an online store for anime merchandise.

Obviously, it’s a site dedicated to cosplays. Get the latest cosplay events and see how pinoys do cosplay in this site.


Got your own site to feature, dear pinoy otaku? Tell us about it. The only way to make anime alive in this country to gather and stick together, tama ba?