Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Youko Kurama

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho

Name: Youko Kurama

Human Name: Shuuichi Minamino

Race: Fox Demon

Age: 15 years old (boy), about 3000 (fox demon)

Hair: Silver (demon-form), Red (human form)

Eyes: Hazel/Gold (demon-form), Green (human-form)

Height: 7′ (213 cm)

Affiliation: Urameshi Team

Weapon: Rose whip (most popular)

Seiyuu: Megumi Ogata (human-form), Shigeru Nakahara (demon-form)


Kurama’s life started in the human world as a son of a gentle woman. He became a good son and competely abandoned his demon past for her.

Yet his life made a turn back towards his past when his mother got sick and he needed to find a better way to cure her. Since then, he became part of a group of thieves who stole the three artifacts of the ReiKai. It is also when he first met ReiKai’s newest detective.

Since then, Kurama’s life had been spent juggling between school and battle together with the Urameshi Team.

Yet, Kurama’s past is truly nothing compared to the battles he’s done with his newfound friends. In his life as a fox demon, Kurama had a reputation as the demon no one would dare encounter. He had the cunning qualities of a fox and the venom of a poisonous plant.

But Kurama has changed since then. His encounter with the humans had created a calm and gentler side to him. At some point however, this gentleness had caused him more trouble than he could imagine.

Kurama is smart and analytical, qualities that makes him deadly in the ring but sometimes poses as his weakness for he must study the opponent first before making a move. In his arsenal of weapons are his rose whip, rose petals, carnivorous demon plants and seeds that could sprout at his command.