No End to the Tale: Anime that Never Reached the Finish Line

Wouldn’t it suck to see an anime and not see its ending?

Unfortunately this isn’t like the fate of Rurouni Kenshin anime, because in comparison, what happened to RK could actually be better for at least it was the production that was discontinued and not just the airing.

This is about those anime that never saw its ending on local pinoy TV.

It’s completely ridiculous and to hardocore fans, unforgiving. A beloved anime getting pulled out of its airtime leaving fans hanging. What’s worse, some of these animes were so close to its conclusion. Ain’t that enough to pull your hairs out in frustration?

But sadly, back then it was a sort of disease for local pinoy channels to discontinue their airing anime. And otakus could only ask why.

Sure, these days we otakus have all the access to anime. But wouldn’t it have been more special if we saw the ending to the following short-lived anime on pinoy TV?

Battleball (Go-Q-Choji-Ikkiman)

Searching this anime on google revealed a number of sentiments from local otakus on its sudden pull out on air. Dubbed in English (as most anime back then), Battle Ball is a sports anime where the characters play a galactic game of baseball. What’s unique about this anime are the bats for players uses an assortment of “weapons” to win the match.

Wonder how the team won the entire game? Or did they?

Candy Candy

This shojo anime used to be shown in the early evening and told the story of Candy and Annie who went their separate ways after leaving the orphanage.
She set out on an adventure of self-discovery as she live with families and fall in love with the “prince on the hill”.

Wonder how Candy turned out after all of the trials she went through?

Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior)

Dragon Quest chronicles the adventures of Abel to save his friend Tiala from the demon Baramos who kidnapped her upon learning that she has the jewel to awaken the great dragon that grants eternal life.
Isn’t this anime’s drawing style somehow reminiscent of Dragonball Z? Well that’s because Akira Toriyama is involved in the creation of the game that inspired this anime.

Wonder how Abel was able to save Tiala?

Timequest (Time Travel Tondekkeman)

One of the craziest anime shown during that time would probably be Time Quest – the adventures of two best friends as they travel throughout time and space with the help of a time capsule in the form of a loud-mouth kettle. There are more weird and funny characters thrown in the bunch including a giant genie who wears a superhero costume.

Wonder how those two teens got back home?

Superboink (Tonde Buurin)

When Rini met a weird looking yellow pig named Binky, her life changed forever. She became a superhero – but a pink, round, snouty one. She came to be called Superboink. But Rini gets used to her alter ego while looking forward to the deal that after collecting 108 pearls, she’ll be able to transform into the superhero she wants to be.

Wonder what really happened when she finally collected the pearls?


Who could forget how the show was cancelled during the Empress of the Moon Arc. We never saw how Yaiba (may have) kicked enemy butt with his ultra cool sword. Now who could forget that sword powered by various orbs. Also, who could forget the original laughing sound of Master Musashi.

Wonder how Yaiba defeated all other enemies after the Empress of the Moon?

Crayon Shin-chan

Perhaps Shin-chan’s brashness was too much for pinoy TV that this show got pulled out? Or perhaps Andrew E’s talent to voice the main character was too much compared to his compensation? Whatever made them pull this show, we definitely want to know. The fact that the show is still airing in Japan should be enough to make us wait that someday the show’s local run will continue…

Wonder how Zou-san is doing? 🙂

Ranma ½ (Ranma Nibun no Ichi)

What is it with Ranma ½ for it seems to be cursed with discontinuation? This anime had its first local run on RPN 9 and after a few years was aired on GMA 7. Recently, TV 5 got the permit to air it but what at first seemed to be a smooth ride for this anime turned out to have another hump when yet again it was cancelled.

Wonder when Ranma ½ will ever be aired entirely?

And that’s it. Do you remember watching any or perhaps all of these shows back in the day? Oh come on now, don’t be too shy to admit your age.

We’ve enjoyed these anime together and certainly wouldn’t mind now if local channels show them again if only to bring a sense of nostalgia. But perhaps they could finally show it till its end?

Wonder when that will happen? Or will it ever?