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(note: the blogger is such a fan of Ang Pinaka on local channel QTV 11 that he thought it won’t be such a bad idea for animeHOLIC to make its own list of Anime Ang Pinakas)

Welcome to the first offering of animeHOLIC’s Ang Pinaka! where we list down the best of whatever we could find on our beloved anime.

This article is actually far behind schedule because of lack of what is called “panelistas” or those who would share their opinions about everything that came in the Ang Pinaka list. So for those who would be interested to be a “panelista”, just look for the add somewhere on this blogsite.

And with that, let’s start the countdown!

Anime may have been introduced here via the super robots back in the 70’s but it was probably during the 90’s that people started to view the Japanese animated exports as belonging to one class – one group – perhaps after seeing the same techniques employed in the character illustrations.

It may not be called anime by local viewers and the word “otaku” may not be shared by most people yet but soon enough, the words will have spread like wildfire. And when it did, the anime viewing habit was never the same.

Now, tt’s quite unfortunate that the airing of anime in this island nation of ours back then was not as exciting as those among nearby countries. This however doesn’t mean that the best lineup of anime Japan could offer never came to our shores.

In fact it’s quite interesting to notice that local stations seem to have chosen to air mostly supremely popular anime. Thus we could say we’re still lucky to be able to see those anime that have conquered the world.

Now, from that rather short list of popular anime, pinoy otakus sure have their favorites which bring us to our first ever Pinoy Anime Countdown here on animeHOLIC:

Ang Pinaka Top Anime for the 90’s Pinoy Otaku

Before we move on to our Top Ten list though here are some who didn’t quite make it but deserves to be awarded as runners-up:

15: Slayers
14: Akazukin Chacha
13: Pokemon
12: Tenchi Muyo
11: Gundam Wing


Now, on to our countdown…

10: Ranma 1/2

Authored by manga legend, Rumiko Takahashi, Ranma ½ is the story of a young man who turns into a young woman when doused with cold water and back to normal when touched by warm water. It all started when Genma and Ran—ah heck! We all know the story now, don’t we? So why was Ranma 1/2 accepted by most pinoy otakus other than the fact that there weren’t much anime on broadcast at the time?

Perhaps it was the comedy. We pinoys love comedy and Ranma provides some of the silliest comic situations in anime universe. Plus there’s the absurdity of what were soon called “love polygons.” There’s also the subject of cross-dressing and homosexuality thrown in for more hilarious and sometimes completely ridiculous moments.

And then there’s the cute tension between the two main protagonists Ranma and Akane that provides a good balance of heartwarming and touching scenes which almost always reverts back to the comedic side of this crazy yet wonderful roller coaster ride of an anime.

09: Mojacko

Mojacko lands here on Earth to find the greatest treasure in the universe – or at least that’s what Mojacko, the cute orange furball alien told Sorao and his friends. Together with his sidekick Dono, Mojacko decides to live in the Amano residence and makes friends with the family. But later on in his quest for the treasure he traveled worlds for, he realizes that he’s not alone when he encounter a blue furball member of an old family rival.

Now, what made Mojacko a click among pinoys, both young and old?

Well, it sure is easy to fall for the cute alien Mojacko who has the ability to stretch its tongue which can be useful and comedic at the same time. Also, Mojacko and the rest of his alien race has a physical reaction to water – they flatten down and weaken – which is enough to get some hearty laughs from viewers. Mojacko presents a very innocent look at the world through the eyes of an alien. Plus, Mojacko’s adventures stretch from one far-distant world to another.

08: Lupin the 3rd

Trivia: The Lupin the 3rd was just as slippery as the character tho whom the story was inspired because for years it was able to elude copyright infringment as the real creator of the Lupi character never knew the anime existed.

Lupin the 3rd chronicles the burglaries of world-known thief Lupin and his comrades and the never-ending chase between Detective Zenigata, as well as the romantic tension between Lupin and the lovely Fujiko.

Trivia: Lupin the 3rd was not as popular in Japan when it was first shown. It only got its much-needed recognition after a number of reruns.

In the Philippines, however, Lupin the 3rd was quickly accepted by many on its first run. It has comedy, action and romance. Otakus were amazed (and baffled) by how Lupin always manages to elude his captors. The supporting characters that join Lupin provide the same testosterone-pumping action in their scenes. And Lupin the 3rd was so popular here that later on, a live-action inspired TV show was produced bearing the name of the famous thief.

07: Daimos

“Richaaard” and “Ericaaa” were probably two of the most called out names in anime when this was shown. Daimos was a Romeo and Juliet story set in a world of robots or as anime calls it later “mecha.” Richard and Erica belong to races that are at war with each other. Erica is a princess in her race and to her rescue from prison is a beloved human, Richard who pilots the mecha Daimos to protect her and the world.

Daimos is probably known in the 90’s for being the robot next to Voltes V in terms of popularity (perhaps because Mazinger Z wasn’t shown in the 90’s). What people mostly remember about this anime is the love story between the two main protagonists and probably what makes it distinct from Voltes V. Erica losing her memories and meeting Richard and the image of her flying away (for her race bears wings) is some of the most unforgettable parts of this romance anime disguised as robot anime

06: Slam Dunk

Who would’ve ever thought that a school trouble that is Hanamichi Sakuragi could ever be part of a disciplined group of student basketball players? But love conquers his heart and so he strives to become one of the best hoop players for the Shohoku Team.

What is there to not like about Slam Dunk? First of all, we pinoys are basketball fanatics. Slam Dunk celebrates the glory and drama of basketball where “last two minutes” run for days. Second, we love underdogs. We cheer for Sakuragi even when he takes all the credit for himself for getting to where he is. And third, we definitely love comedy and Slam Dunk has more to fill even the last two minutes of every episode.

05: Rurouni Kenshin

A few years before the end of the decade, an anime with the most unlikely swordsman debuted on a local UHF channel. Kenshin (or Kenji or Kenshee as some probably noticed in the dub), the swordsman with a cross-shaped scar had its first run and quickly became an otaku favorite.

Rurouni Kenshin tells the story of an assassin-turned-wanderer who met and lived with a lady dojo owner. Soon, his past reputation catches up with him and he is forced to confront it but not without the help of some newfound friends. Clearly, there’s no need to go further into the story for this is one of the most favorited anime of both the old and new pinoy otaku generation.

Why is that?

Rurouni Kenshin is by far the coolest samurai anime shown on TV. It has some of the best action moments in anime history. But what maked Rurouni Kenshin more interesting is that it is a man’s drama. Despite the protagonist’s very dark past, the show has none of the overly dramatic moments. Rurouni Kenshin also has a good touch of humor that makes viewers forget how seriously bad Kenshin can be.

04: Sailormoon

After Usagi Tsukino helps an odd-looking cat while off to school, her life changes draamtically. Once recognized by the cat, Usagi is turned into a super heroine to guard the world against the workings of an ancient evil group. Usagi dresses up in a sailor uniform and scours the city as the pretty soldier Sailormoon. Later on, as the evil grows stronger, Sailormoons meets other Sailorsoldiers to help her fight for her beloved planet.

Sailormoon is the the most successful shojo anime to arrive in the country and it’s no surprise why pinoy otakus love it (even if they don’t admit it). No other anime at the time provides a weekly dose of fanservice; the transformation and the outfit are probably enough to make viewers (and even non-viewers) stick to watching. So it could be surmised that Sailormoon helped start the sukebe generation. Tee hee.

But Sailormoon also has a noticeably serious plot for a shojo anime. And of course, let’s not forget the humor which Sailormoon (both the anime and the character) provides every chance there is. Lastly, Sailormoon is about love and romance and no pinoy would put off watching a good love story.

03: Voltes V

Voltes V the anime is also the name of the robot fighter created to prevent an alien race from conquering the planet. This robot is a combination of five different space combat vehicles which are piloted by five young individuals with lives linked to the alien race, the military or both. Whenever the Bozanian Empire releases one of its “beast fighters”, Voltes V sure is there to face it and destroy it with its signature finishing blow.

Now, what makes Voltes V such a favorite?

Well, who doesn’t like robots? And a robot formed through the combination of five different combat vehicles is perhaps more cool than a simple transformer changing into a car during those days. Plus, Voltes V had the coolest armaments in its time. Remember the super electro-magnetic tops that spin out of the robot’s belt buckle? And the belt! And then of course there’s the laser sword that finished off any enemy and leaves a “V” mark burning once the beast fighter is extinguished.

But it’s not just the robot. Within the story is the drama of a family and the struggle of parents to be with their children and protect them. It also shows the power of a revolution against tyranny. Sounds too deep for an old anime? Well it is. And Voltes V always makes it a point to show the sign of victory by the end every battle.

02: Dragonball Z / Dragonball

Gather the seven dragonballs and one could summon the Dragon God and ask for anything. Many are looking for these dragonballs including a rich girl named Bulma who meets a monkey boy and ends up sharing an adventure of a lifetime, meeting friends and enemies along the way. Later on, Goku is thursted unto a number of battles that train his innate fighting abilities for Goku hasn’t yet known about his true lineage. However, on every sight of the full moon, Goku’s real identity becomes known.

In his adult state, Goku becomes the greatest fighter in this planet. Or is he when his lineage simply suggests that there are other beings like him out there?

So what makes the Dragonball Saga a click among pinoys?

Could it be the fight scenes? Or perhaps the world in the anime itself? Or maybe the hilarious antics? The answer is all of the above. This anime has all the ingredients of a successful show.

There’s adventure, battle dramas, death and rebirth, etc. And the image of the world in this anime is enough to capture the interest. Who wouldn’t love the idea of having things like houses and vehicles pop out of tiny capsules?

The Dragonball Saga is a worldwide phenomenon, so why is it only in the number two spot?

The only way to answer that is to get to the number. Ang Pinaka Top Anime for the 90’s Pinoy Otaku is…

01: Yu Yu Hakusho

Known locally as Ghost Fighter, this anime features a team of spirit detectives that fight their way to guard the world from evil and later on for the three, to confront their histories. Yu Yu Hakusho was first shown in IBC 13 and was later transferred to GMA 7 where it got everybody’s attention and even became the station’s flag bearer for its anime campaign of sort. Since then, Yu Yu Hakusho made anime history in this small island country.

What makes Yu Yu Hakusho the best anime for pinoy otakus back in the 90s?

Let’s face it, Yu Yu Hakusho’s success worldwide may not be as much compared to the success of the Dragonball Saga. However, there are three things worth mentioning why Yu Yu Hakusho may be better than Dragonball.

One: It has better character illustration. Yu Yu Hakusho has the typical anime look seen these days. What Dragonball has is an original yet old anime look. And people probably favor more human-looking illustrations. We bet that people would more likely favore Kurama’s looks than any of the Dragonball characters.

Two: It has better battles. Yu Yu Hakusho has plenty of battle techniques, some no one probably ever thought could be possible while the Kamehameha is outdated. Sure, Dragonball characters move faster and the fights are more intense but what Yu Yu Hakusho has are the displays of various fighting techniques.

Three: It doesn’t have as much re-used fighting sequences and prolonged shots. Dragonball on the other hand could perhaps have an entire season of only re-used sequences. This technique in animation is what made Dragonball run so long. Another thing are the prolonged shots that probably take up as much as 5 minutes collectively. Yu Yu Hakusho fighters would probably be done fighting while Dragonball characters are staring at each other, fire-up for a battle that will last for days.


So there you have it. The 10 Ang Pinaka Top Anime for the 90’s Pinoy Otaku.

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Till next time, join us as we jut down the top list of anything and everything in anime. This is animeHOLIC’s Pinaka!