Care for some Strawberry Eggs?

This world is becoming tougher and tougher by the minute for the newly graduates. There is, therefore, a need for better and higher level of education.

At Seitou Sannomiya School, teachers make sure that the students are well-prepared to deal with the world – especially that the world is run mostly by men! Seitou Sannomiya believes that there is a need for the female population to dominate this world. And they will do anything to make sure that their students are properly taught that men are the most disgusting creatures.

But enter Hibiki Amawa, a young man—err, woman who is about to change the course for Seitou Sannomiya School. She—err, he—oh yeah, she is about to step on the frontlines of battle between sexes. Amawa-sensei is about to change the students of Seitou Sannomiya forever.

Sounds too noble? Amawa-sensei seems to have the passion enough make a noble teacher out of an ordinary newly-graduate who wants to teach children. And if you think you want to learn how this teacher revolutionizes a school as discriminating as Seitou Sannomiya then read further. You may even agree with the following lessons that I My Me Strawberry Eggs could teach local otakus if it finds itself on local Pinoy TV:

Lesson # 1
Self-confidence and Perseverance

Amawa-sensei dresses up as a woman to prove to the strict and rather sexist director of Seitou Sannomiya that the school’s practices do not help in the fight for equality between sexes. Amawa-sensei makes sure that his passion to teach is not hindered by a silly regulation that only causes tension. Amawa-sensei makes sure that the students learn from his examples. The next step is to do all of these everyday, without fail.

Lesson # 2
Driving Perverts Away

An all-girls school is not without a bunch of troublemakers who would take a peep at a student every chance there is. So, how do you stop them? Leave it to Hibiki’s landlady Lulu to drive away the lechers. She’s equipped with the sensitivity of a matured woman and an exceptional technical know-how.

Lesson # 3
Good teacher-student relationship

Amawa-sensei loves her students. She will break strict school regulations to make her students’ campus experiences better and easier. For this she has gained a respect she rightfully deserves.

Lesson # 4
Passion to live a dream

Hibiki Amawa comes to Seitou Sannomiya with a dream to pursue a professional teacher career. Unfortunately, the school has a regulation to hire only female instructors. This did not stop Hibiki Amawa from living out his dream though. Thanks to Lulu, he is finally able to follow his true calling.

Lesson # 5
Cross-dressing 101

Of course Hibiki Amawa would never be able to get past Seitou Sannomiya’s strict number 1 rule unless he lets go of any pride he has about his masculinity. Having taught successfully as a woman, Hibiki could definitely teach others (together with Lulu, of course) the complex lessons on dressing up as the opposite sex.

After having been introduced to the possible lessons that could be learned in I My Me Strawberry Eggs, don’t we all just want to see it or be a like the lead character and pursue a career in teaching? One thing may not be clear though: what exactly are strawberry eggs?