Commencing Operation Meteor

Before the end of the century, Pinoy otakus were treated to some high-gundanium alloy action care of five young pilots out to bring the Earth to its knees. Who could not forget the robots, the bishounen, and the zig-zag plots of Gundam Wing!

Five young boys came to Earth all at the same time to commence something called Operation Meteor. Using their state-of-the-art technology called Gundam, these brave soldiers plan to stop at nothing to fulfill their mission.

First though, these pilots must to meet each other…

Yes, it was probably one of the most intriguing thing about Gundam Wing when it was first shown locally. How can these young men come at the same time taking out the same mission yet none of them knew each other?

This was apparently just one of the things otakus would eventually love about Gundam Wing. There’s also of course the eye candy for both fangirls and boys who like boys. Teehee!

But for real boys looking for action, Gundam Wing definitely has the bearings for all the pumped-up battles one would expect from a mecha anime. Even for those who love conspiracy and power struggles Gundam dishes out something tasteful. What about drama? Well, not the mushy type, but more like the dramatic battle for peace.

Gundam Wing may have introduced the term mecha for younger otakus and reinforced the robot fanbase created by older robot titles as Voltes V and Daimos. But it sure did inroduce the country to the entire saga of Earth versus Colonies with the Gundams in the middle of the war.

The series boasted the most twisting plot for an anime at its time of airing. An anime magazine at the time had conpared the story to a zigzag trip to Baguio. Indeed, Gundam Wing was quite unpredictable.

But then there were some glitches fans would probably hate Gundam Wing for. Unfortunately, it has one of the most annoying female character and who happens to be a lead. No one would probably forget how Relena would think so hard about doing something but not taking any action until later. And then there’s the Tagalog dubbing which could be one of the worst for Pinoy dubbers and scriptwriters.

Still, Gundam Wing was one of those super cool mecha anime that came to the country to collect some fans who probably couldn’t decide whether to side with the five young pilots of the Colonies or the dashing leader of OZ and protector of Earth, Treize Khushrenada. Not that the fans would’ve probably mind back then. They sure didn’t.