It’s a Cosplay Cavalcade in Questor Magazine

After the first anniversary, Questor Magazine dishes more of what Pinoy otakus want. Issue number nine is about fights and competitions – from the battle arenas of Dragonball and Flame of Recca to the realistic battle stages of various anime cosplays.

Once again, the magazine features a double-cover issue with two powerful animes shown at the time: Dragonball Z and Flame of Recca.

Editor-In-Chief Bambi talks about anime tournaments in her editorial. Anime Dude features a character from Flame of Recca: Tokiya Mikagami, who can wield weapons from water.

The first feature article dissected a very popular anime hailed as one of the pillars of Japanese animation. Cecil Estrada discovers how and why Dragonball and the rest of the Dragonball saga are extremely popular and the secret to ohow it ran for years. The Dragonball fever continues in an @nime article highlighting some Dragonball resources on the net.

Next comes the Cosplay Overload pages where images from HK Comics Fest 2001, Anime Expo 2001 and San Diego ComiCon 2001 were showcased. They sure mean it when they say “overload.”

The pages that follow talks about finding Japanese anime stuff in Hong Kong. The influence sure has caught on with other Asian countries.

Anime Continuum introduces animes such as Love Hina, Daa Daa Daa, Marmalade Boy and Serial Experiments Lain. AudioFiles reviews the music of Daft Punk (the one with the anime music video) and the OST to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. There is even a contest coupon for those who would like to have their own copy of the FF movie soundtrack.

Gokitomo continues its run with its second chapter “Quatro Cantos” where Akiko’s back story is featured.

There are quite a number of Sakura Wars features in the issue from an intro to OP and ED song lyrics. Initial D is featured after EID Bambi noticed the popularity of the anime in her trip to Hong Kong. For Watashi-tachi, Visual Artist Aldin Viray is featured.

Finally, three talented otakus are recognized for their artistry in the Doujin Drawing Board section. Rowena Rubianes, Josef Ray Dagatan and Azalea Napenas are chosen as the receivers of Questor Pick.

It may only be the beginning of another year for Questor Magazine but if this issue is an indication of what’s to come then the only appropriate word to use for the future of anime in the country is “exciting!”